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Beer produced by good quality beer production equipment is better

by:Trano     2019-12-16
The development of the beer industry is getting better and better, and more people are starting to invest in the beer industry. But is it so simple to produce beer? Many people will think that, as long as there is good brewing equipment, good beer can be produced, but is this really the case? Can good beer be brewed by buying good beer production equipment? Shandong trano Machinery Equipment Co. , Ltd. will take you to know about it! If you want to brew good beer, you must have good production equipment, but if you want to brew good beer, it also includes the following aspects: first, the choice of raw materials for craft beer there are only four kinds of raw materials for craft beer: malt, yeast, hops and water. For brewing water, it is OK to choose civil water that can be drunk directly. Yeast should undergo strict passage control to expand and cultivate fresh yeast, which is purebred and highly active; Special Malt should be selected for malt. Special malt determines the characteristics of beer, and stable supplier selection is especially important. Second, whether to carry out stable operation according to the process requirements 1. We must strictly follow the formula in the amount of raw materials used. 2. In order not to affect the sugar yield, the beer production equipment usually uses the method of humidification of malt when crushing, but the degree of humidification should remain stable, at the same time, the gap between the pulverizer and the roller should also be fixed and not adjusted at will. 3. From the perspective of professional technology, temperature affects the composition of wort, and the flavor substances produced by yeast fermentation are different in the later fermentation process. The saccharification thermometer needs to be corrected regularly. 4. The filtered wort should be as clear as possible, and the washing times, the temperature and dosage of the washing water should be fixed, which is conducive to fixing the composition and concentration of the wort before boiling, and at the same time, the filtering time should be shortened as much as possible. 5. Wort boiling is an important link in brewing beer. Wort concentration affects the fullness and alcohol thickness of beer, and a pot of good wort is half successful in making beer, therefore, there are high requirements for the addition time of hops and the evaporation of water per unit time. 6. The fermentation process is also very important. What we need to do is to control the amount of yeast added, the fermentation temperature, the sugar content of the tank, the pressure of the tank, the reduction time of diacetyl, and the sediment in the fermentation broth once a day before the tank is sealed, passaged yeast should pay attention to the recovery time and usage. Third, strict health control 1. The cleaning work of the production system is particularly important. The saccharification system is cleaned with caustic soda and hot water before each production. If the self-washing ball cannot be cleaned, it must be cleaned manually. 2. Cleaning of the fermentation system: Open the tank for inspection after the fermentation tank has been beaten with caustic soda, manually clean the sanitary dead angle, and manually clean the auxiliary pipe fittings connected with the tank after disassembly; After the fermentation tank is disinfected, it is forbidden to open the tank. The disinfection period of the fermentation tank is 12 hours, and the disinfection is re-disinfected after the validity period. 3. Cleaning of the crushing system: clean up the utensils before crushing. When humidification is used for crushing, the raw materials should be used with powder, and the crushing time in advance should not exceed 8 hours, clean the utensils and the ground after crushing. The above is the basic requirement for brewing good beer. It can be seen that only good beer production equipment is not enough. The selection of raw materials, operational requirements and hygiene requirements must be strictly controlled, and no mistakes can be made, in order to brew good beer, I hope this article will be helpful to you. : Beer production equipment
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