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Beer production equipment cleaning and sterilization technology

by:Trano     2021-02-26

in the process of beer production, and material contact surface of the equipment, due to various reasons will always be some dirt deposition. For fermentation tank, the fouling components mainly yeast and protein impurity, hop, hop resin compounds, and beer stone and so on. Beer production equipment cleaning and sterilization technology is to improve the quality of beer the key technical measures. Therefore, in the process of beer production, in addition to taking the right production process, also must to correct and timely cleaning of equipment, and regular disinfection and sterilization.

1, the classification of detergent
cleansing agents according to the pH of cleaning agent can be divided into two kinds of acidic detergent and alkaline detergent. The following simple introduce a few kinds of cleaner combinations.
  ( 1) Clear water, alkaline and water combination. This method is the original washing method, because this method can washing cost is low, so is widely used at present in small breweries. But the biggest deficiency of this method is the washing method is simple, not fully to kill all microorganisms, thus will influence on beer flavor.
  ( 2) Clear water, caustic soda, water, fungicide, CIO2, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid) Combination. Generally considered CIO2, three kinds of hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, peracetic acid final breakdown products non-toxic side effects, do not flush after washing. This method currently in use is more, the quality of beer especially taste, freshness will another level than the first one.
  ( 3) Clear water, caustic soda, water, disinfectant, sterile water combination. The biggest advantages of this method to control the microbial safer, and can avoid one thousand disinfectant residues of side effects, but if the sterile water bacteria control unqualified can bring large pot of repeated pollution, so when using this method the note is to control the amount of bacteria sterile water.
  ( 4) Clear water, dilute acid, water, caustic soda, water, fungicide, sterile water combination. This method is considered to be ideal washing method. Through to examine the long-term use of large tank wall, can be found in the wall, the place such as pipeline adhesion have composed of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate and organic beer stone, stone which is difficult to clean. With dilute acid (first Phosphoric acid, nitric acid, Juan acid) Remove beer stone, then washing and disinfection sterilization, it will have greatly improved the quality of beer.

2, the requirements of detergent and select
cleaner should have lubrication, dissolution, permeability, saponification and digestive function, and corrosion resistance, low use cost and effect and environmental protection requirement for consideration. For cleaning pH value also is to have requirements, the pH value is too low, the washing effect is poor, bottle label is not easy to fall off; The pH is too high, not safe production use. Therefore, according to the actual situation of the production and use, the pH value ( 1% aqueous solution, 25 ℃) As the 11 ~ 13 as the best range.

3, cleaning technology and method using a certain impact strength of water sweep away the attachments of equipment on the surface, then, the cleaning agent under the synergy of temperature and surface active substances play a role of physics and chemistry. Use of acidic or alkaline cleaning agents, and add surfactant in cleaning agent to reduce the equipment surface attachments, the surface tension of the fouling membrane, to dissolve dirt loose, split, or down, improve the cleaning effect. At the same time raise the temperature of washing, can help pick up the cleaning agent into the dirt inside, make its rapid expansion and fall off.

that's beer production equipment cleaning and sterilization technology, will be cleaning equipment must be closed in the process of cleaning up, ensure that won't repeat pollution after cleaning, cleaning of dirt must flow way all discharge from the equipment, to do with the cleaning with emissions, prevent dirt to pollution.
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