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【Beer production equipment company]In the production process of self-brewed beer equipment

by:Trano     2019-12-28
With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for beer is diversified, especially beer is rich in protein, various vitamins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other metal and nonmetal ions, therefore, it is widely loved by everyone. The following beer production equipment company will share with you the four elements that need to be grasped in self-brewed beer. 1. Stability mainly refers to the relatively stable brewing process conditions, including various ingredient ratios, and the main conditions for entering the pool, such as starch entering the pool, moisture entering the pool, acidity entering the pool, temperature entering the pool and other indicators, which cannot be changed from high to low, suddenly big and small. 2, accurate, accurate' The first point is that the ingredients are accurate, and the key control point of the quality is the ratio of grains to grains, which cannot be estimated or estimated. Relevant containers such as fermented grains and measuring water shall be accurately measured or weighed at least once, and changes in temperature rise, acid, starch, sugar, alcohol, etc. of fermented grains shall be frequently analyzed and observed, learn to use laboratory data to guide production and strengthen work responsibility. 3, fine, mainly refers to the detailed operation, including raw materials, Koji crushing appropriate, batching operation, rice field operation, loading distillation operation, fermentation operation and management, etc. must be fine, do not shoddy, do not grab time, get off work. 4, clean, wine-making operations should pay attention to civilized production, clean and hygienic, including raw materials, auxiliary materials to be cleaned, cleaned, steamed, and mixed, shall not use mildew, heat and agglomeration of raw materials; Koji room, Rice Yard, brewing equipment, utensils, fermentation containers, wine storage containers, etc. should be cleaned and cleaned, and disinfected and sterilized when necessary. Where the sewage is full, the distiller's grains are full, and the bottom water is not cleaned for a long time. As long as you grasp the above four elements, your self-brewed beer will definitely be liked by everyone. In addition, you should also master the various indicators of wine during the brewing process. For example, the color of the wine, the concentration of maltose, the alcohol content, the weight of bitter taste, the amount of foam and the temperature of the wine when it is imported. The above information is provided by beer production equipment company-- Trano packaging editing, for more details, please call: 155-5289-6888, we look forward to your call. : Beer production equipment company
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