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Beer production equipment company shares the stability of brewing beer

by:Trano     2020-01-05
Beer production equipment is very common and widely used. In the process of use, we should first pay attention to the stability of brewing beer, beer often occurs in the process of storage, and the colloid stability and flavor stability of beer are reduced. Therefore, it is very important to improve the stability of white bottle beer. Beer production equipment companies share the stability of brewed beer: 1. The residual alkalinity of brewing water is 5Dh below, and deoxygenation treatment. Saccharification feeding and pouring are set at the bottom, and oxygen-free operation is performed as far as possible. Using low temperature feeding is beneficial to B-Decomposition of dextran and leaching of phosphate. Saccharification controls the stirring speed, the rotating speed during feeding is 60 rpm, and the stirring is not started when the protein is resting. 2. Shorten the filtering time as much as possible during filtering and control it at 2. Within 5 hours. Keeping the wort clear and reducing the fatty acid content during filtration is beneficial to improving the flavor stability of beer. The positive pH value of the washing water is 5. 6-6. 0, control 3-4%, reducing the leaching of harmful components in wort. 3, the wort of the boiling pot from 75 ° C after a long period of heating up to 100 ° C, the internal heater is easy to coking and produces furfural compounds at the same time. Will 75 ° The wort of C is rapidly heated to 95 degrees by a plate heat exchanger with steam as the heat source. C, then pour into a boiling pot, the wort is immediately heated to boiling, destroying polyphenol oxidase and reducing the harmful reaction. Guaranteed boiling strength 8-10%, promote the condensation of condensable proteins. Add good quality wort clarifier carrageenan ( Because the floc formed by carrageenan and protein with poor quality will break, suspended in wort, it will adhere to the wall of the tank, causing cleaning difficulties. ). Adding beta during boiling- Acid hops oil and tetrahydro isomeric hops extract cannot use ordinary hops. Boil wort and adjust PH to 5. 2, is conducive to beer taste and colloid stability. 4. The tangential rotation speed of wort entering the rotary sedimentation tank is 20 m/s, and the Sedimentation time is 30 minutes, so as to effectively separate the hot solidified substance. I believe that through the introduction of beer production equipment company, you should know something about beer production equipment! However, we need beer equipment to find trano packaging. trano packaging provides us with beer equipment, beer production equipment, self-brewed beer equipment, small beer equipment, etc. Beer equipment has complete specifications and many varieties, which can meet the needs of customers at different levels to the greatest extent. At the same time, various beer equipment can be designed and customized according to customer requirements. : Beer production equipment company
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