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Beer production equipment company teaches you how to brew black beer with beer equipment

by:Trano     2020-01-04
Have you heard of black beer? You may ask what kind of beer can be brewed by self-brewing beer equipment? In fact, the brewing equipment mainly brews yellow beer, black beer and wheat beer, and red beer, green beer and other products as auxiliary brewing. Today, beer production equipment company trano to introduce how to use beer equipment to brew black beer, I hope everyone can like it. Is black beer nutritious? Shandong trano reminds everyone that the difference between black beer and light beer is the baking of malt. After the malt is baked, some organic substances are carbonized to form Coke and turn black. If one day people find Coke nutritious, black beer will be more nutritious. The beer production equipment company said that the black beer brewed by the self-brewed beer equipment is one of the puree beer. The color of the black beer is often greater than 40EBC, the liquor is reddish brown, the wine is mellow, the foam is delicate, and the bitter taste is moderate'Black Milk'The reputation is also suitable for drinking in cold seasons. Let's introduce the method of brewing black beer with beer equipment. 1. The amount of sugar color agent added can be determined according to the chroma standard of finished beer, generally not more than of liquor. 2 can be added in the beer filter of the self-brewing beer equipment. Shandong trano understands that the taste of beer depends to a large extent on the quality of colorants. Therefore, in recent years, maltose color has been used, its basic composition is close to wort, and its dissolution is good. It is a better colorant, but you can't add too much. 2. Material selection beer production equipment the company learned that self-brewed beer equipment usually uses high-quality malt with high solubility, relatively deep color and small particles, and is matched with about 10% black malt, sometimes we use a proper amount of amber malt. We also call him to add the malt flavor of the finished beer to the sweet malt, and avoid the excessive Coke and bitter taste, which affects the taste of the beer. The crushing degree of black malt can be appropriately thicker to prevent filtration difficulties. 3. Production if you consider mass production of black beer, you need to be equipped with a yeast saccharification and fermentation equipment to ensure the quality of black beer brewed by the self-brewed beer equipment is stable, and avoid interference with the production of other varieties of products. The above is the method of brewing black beer with beer equipment introduced by Shandong trano, a beer production equipment company. Have you learned this skill? I hope everyone can learn more about brewing methods as much as possible, and the advantages outweigh the disadvantages! I hope the above content can help everyone! : Beer production equipment company
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