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Beer production equipment production do not beer was prone to what smell?

by:Trano     2021-02-23

the use of beer production equipment can ensure the quality of good beer processing, needs to be noted in the specific operation, every link needs strict operation method, need to do when operating specifications for every link, but the production of beer will often appear some peculiar smell, when processing need to pay attention to avoid to produce these peculiar smell. Then detailed introduce the production of beer was not easy for everybody what peculiar smell.

  1 . Aging odor oxide, also known as the bread. As the beer preservation time longer, oxidation flavor is becoming more and more strong. In the beer bottle after high oxygen content, easy to oxide sterilization, adverse sterilization.
  2 . Rough taste. Polyphenols content too high polymerization degree is not suitable or polyphenols, beer pH is too high. Smash malt wheat skin is too thick, too. Temporary hardness of water is too high, high pH for saccharification time excessive wheat pulp washing, etc.
3. Taste is not good, after the bitter taste is very long. Add high hop, hop. Saccharification water pH is too high to wheat pulp washing too much. Wort boiling intensity, high nitrogen content of solidification. Production equipment of beer wort boiling time caused by the oxidation decomposition; Wort fermentation low sludge separation is not strong, bitter separation bubble cover is not completely. There are too many heavy metal content, such as beer oxidation.
  4 . Phenol or other chemical coatings containing phenol and chlorophenol, etc. If the chlorine containing phenol, phenol and free water wheat, beer can have the taste. With free chlorine detergent washing water pipe pollution of wild yeast and bacteria, etc.
  5 . Yeast flavor mainly from sulfide content too much, especially hydrogen sulfide. The smell of hydrogen sulfide threshold of 50 ug/kg, yeast, fermentation and storage aging at high temperature, yeast will happen bad self melting phenomenon and the sludge separation, wort ventilation, after fermentation is not strong. Nitrate content is too high, wine too fast, easy to the taste.

that's beer production equipment in the production of beer was not easy to appear some peculiar smell, when used in specific need to pay attention to reduce the production of some peculiar smell, generally when the smell is because of improper production process, if there is abnormal in later found the taste of beer flavor, requires specific of illness, reduce the odor.

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