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【Beer production equipment]Requirements for lubricants for microbeer equipment

by:Trano     2020-02-25
Nowadays, the brewing of beer is no longer a manual operation. It is more convenient to brew beer with beer production equipment, and the efficiency is high. It can be brewed in batches. There are many beer equipments on the market, the more common is micro beer equipment, the following beer production equipment company-- Trano introduces the requirements of micro beer equipment for lubricants. (1) The lubricant of micro beer equipment should meet the food hygiene standards, be safe, nontoxic and tasteless, and be suitable for EPDM (Ethylene hydrocarbon propylene ethylene)Rubber sealing material has no destructive effect; (2) Due to long-term water and steam environment, it is necessary to have good water resistance, small water loss, good emulsification resistance, good rust prevention, strong adhesion and good sealing performance; (3) Capable of separation, the picking point must be above 175 ℃, and there is no clear and softening phenomenon at 85 ℃; (4) The Moisturizing grease used for beer production equipment must be able to resist the attack of cold water, hot water, disinfectant, cleaning Jing and swallow steam, and will not affect the formation of beer foam; (5) It has long service life and good extreme pressure and anti-wear torsion ability to ensure less oil change and maintenance. Extend the operation cycle of equipment and the service life of parts; (6)High pressure difference (0. 5MPa)And small loss in vacuum environment. In the past, the general production line of our factory used the domestic food machinery grease as the lubrication of the central distribution pipe and other parts, the effect was poor, and it was often easy to turn over the gas and group the wine in the production process, the expensive imported rubber seals have to be replaced every two or three months. Every year, the inner and outer walls of the central distribution pipe have to be ground and treated with electric vessels, and even replaced in complete sets. It not only increases the cost of beer production equipment and affects the production efficiency, but also is easy to hide dirt and dirt and affects the control of microbial indicators. The use of lubricants is very important for beer production equipment, so everyone must pay more attention when choosing lubricants and choose high-quality lubricants, this is also very helpful for micro beer equipment to brew beer.
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