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Beer production equipment-- Technological process of making beer with miniature beer equipment

by:Trano     2020-01-06
I believe that everyone has drunk beer, and many people are even more obsessed with beer. This is the reason why there is wine today. Do you know how beer is made? The following beer production equipment manufacturers tell you about beer production equipment--The technological process of making beer with miniature beer equipment. 1) Crushing stage: this is purely a basic mechanical operation of beer production equipment and is aimed at users (Hotel, baking bar, etc) In order to save space, and the crushing process will inevitably produce large dust, which is not conducive to the maintenance of the environment, so it is generally possible to use a small pulverizer to crush the raw materials. 2) Saccharification stage: the main controlled objects in the saccharification process are saccharification pump, heater and stirrer. Here, through temperature detection, the whole step of saccharification is completed by cooperating with post-holiday relays and AC contactors such as temperature, touch screen, PLC, etc. 3) Cooling stage of saccharification liquid: plate heat exchanger is mainly used in the cooling stage. Saccharification liquid is exchanged with alcohol water through plate heat exchanger through pipeline pump, so that the temperature of wort entering the fermentation tank is kept-Around 8 °c. This process requires real-time detection of the temperature of the alcohol tank from the outlet of the plate heat exchanger to control the flow rate and complete the corresponding temperature control. 4) Fermentation stage: it is the same as the control core of saccharification stage, but the temperature controlled here is all lower than the indoor temperature, and low-temperature alcohol water is used to cool down. It is also based on temperature detection, cooling through pipeline pumps, solenoid valves, etc. 5) Wine storage stage: the beer produced here is fresh beer. In order to maintain its taste, it must be in- It is stored at a temperature of 1℃, so the temperature control method in the fermentation stage is also adopted-1 °c fresh beer is preserved. 6) In order to ensure the safety of beer production equipment, we must monitor the voltage and current of some equipment. Here we choose to monitor the voltage of the whole equipment production line and the current of the refrigerator and heater respectively. 7) There is also a more important parameter in the process of making beer with micro beer equipment: air pressure in fermentation. In order to ensure the taste of mini beer, we must keep the air pressure in the fermentation process at 1. 0 ~ 1. 5 atmospheres. To sum up, beer production equipment-- The technological process of making beer with miniature beer equipment can be roughly divided into four stages: crushing, saccharification, cooling of saccharification liquid and fermentation storage. The subdivision of these four stages is the above seven points, you can have a good understanding of how beer is produced. : Beer production equipment, miniature beer equipment
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