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Brewed beer equipment manufacturer selection techniques

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Craft beer at home is still in its infancy now, have a plenty of hobbies, like homebrew, found some businesses turn money to operate, like wine, but neither homebrew and business cannot leave a set of high quality wine brewed beer equipment. Manufacturing beer equipment is an industry threshold is very low, is followed by a large number of beer manufacturers began to flood the market, have a plenty of professional, have a plenty of unprofessional, if you don't understand the beer equipment knowledge, then you accidentally will into the pit! Don't be afraid, will teach you how to choose a few action work today factory and equipment. 1: first, the manufacturer's qualification, through the qualifications of what we see, basically be to see him run time in this industry, we do not want to choose a business newly, needless to say, here you can see why; 2: look at the size of the factory: a set of how also get tens of thousands of beer equipment, at the time of purchase of equipment must be field trips, and take a look at this factory have their own factories, the scale of the factory, and beer manufacturing equipment of mechanical facilities; 3: the manufacturer's design ability: a good designer, according to the actual customer requirements and the situation of the site design a suitable for you a perfect set of equipment; 4: the manufacturers technical and service support: we buy equipment is not a one-time sale, equipment quality is important, but more important is the late service and technical support, equipment instructions, brewing technology training, equipment maintenance needs to be a powerful sales support later, if there is no perfect after-sale service, you can imagine we will be a victim; 5: the material used in the factory, some factory is nominally 304 steel plate, in order to save the cost would be in the bladder secretly replaced 201 steel, this equipment is less than half a year can be a problem; 6: in addition to see factory is a issue for consumers that is price, according to our experience in life, don't be cheap, but the quality is not the higher the price, the better, the basic principle of beer equipment is the same, just different functions and configuration, some equipment automation degree is high, save time and effort, wine quality is stable, some in order to reduce costs, configuration can be reduced, this depends on our personal purchase of tolerance, rich enough to contemplate high configuration, it is the same as a car. Brewed to summarize, if you don't understand, or choose the simple and practical and service good manufacturer is better, on the premise of quality assurance, the price is the first, examine the device or to choose if you are worried, you can go to our factory to visit.
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