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Brewed beer equipment purchase several pitfalls that should be paid attention to

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Speaking of entrepreneurs may have a career dream, but as the market the degree of saturation of the industry, business are getting harder and harder. Entrepreneurial open craft beer house is a good choice, how can craft beer less beer equipment, but often there are many entrepreneurs who ate to the myth of equipment selection. Today the beer equipment manufacturers to bring you a look at how to choose the craft beer equipment, should pay attention to don't get caught up in a few myths. A, procurement craft beer equipment production is not big, the current market open craft beer house with more craft beer equipment for 500 l standard configuration, the actual daily output is controlled in 300 l, the late increases production according to sales to 500 l and above. Why such a configuration? Because a nissan 500 l craft beer equipment, with a total investment of about 250000 yuan or so, but if early just opened, it is difficult to achieve sales of 500 l, if according to the qualitative enough investment to a full set of equipment, pressure a bit big. Early can be configured according to the 500 l standard configuration, for sales to expand again, early capital pressure. Second, do the variety of craft beer is not the more the better craft beer house, selling beer variety is many, many hundreds of, little also have to have a dozen. But not mean to buy craft beer brewing equipment dozens of or hundreds of craft beer. If you want to make really can achieve, but the equipment investment and covers an area of full is too big. As long as we use several main craft beer brewing equipment craft fresh beer can, other varieties we go shopping or generation process to complete. Three, brewing craft beer degree is not the higher the better lovers like to drink a lot of craft beer of high concentration craft beer, drink up good taste, rich flavor, like when business craft beer house try their best to higher beer brewing concentration or degree, as that is the good wine. Everybody wants to know, for the evaluation of good wine from bad, each person is different, the final mass consumers like to drink the best. Geography, people's consumption habit is different also, must adjust measures to local conditions. High alcohol content can affect sales, if the amount is to rely on to win the business model, this method is not suitable. Four, craft beer equipment configuration is not the higher the better in the prophase investigation craft beer equipment, a lot of beer equipment manufacturers recommend you a lot of high-end configuration, such as: Siemens PLC control, fermentation tank, the wine is negative pressure valve is installed to install everything out wine opening, saccharifying system outsourcing with copper, refrigerating machine and other auxiliary with several well-known brands at home and abroad, and so on, the configuration is good, if you can go to consider funding permits. Or are you a star hotel or high-end bar, high-grade configuration need to foil, so choose no problem. If it is a craft beer house business, the configuration is not necessary, is costly and impractical. Equipment selection and practical is one of the most important. Five, the same quality craft beer equipment is not the cheaper, the better you have a idea when shopping: same quality, the price; The price of the same quality. But there remains a still more important, the same quality and price service. Equal the quality of the case, if blindly to demand a low price, buy cheap things, service will be a discount for sure. Especially the mechanical products, hard to avoid can have some small problems in the process of running, the service can't keep up with is very troublesome. So, the same quality and service, the reasonable price is the most appropriate. Consumer psychology is want to spend the least money to buy the best products and services, also have a cost but good quality and service, reasonable price to buy the best quality and service is the most important. Above is for your things mentioned in the purchase of beer equipment considerations, if want to know more, can collect hao lu beer equipment's official website: http://tranogroup. Com, or to inquire, we wholeheartedly at your service!
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