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Brewed beer equipment saccharification

by:Trano     2020-03-02
In the use of home-brewed beer equipment in the process of brewing craft beer, there is a process called saccharification, will naturally have saccharification method, for saccharification method, how about you hao lu beer equipment manufacturer according to many years of experience to share common of the two methods. Boil the saccharification method is combination and biochemical function and physical function method for saccharification. Gel is characterized by the saccharification liquid part of the batch heated to boiling point, and then mixed with rest not boil the glue solution, make all glue solution temperature by stages needed to rise to the different enzyme decomposition temperature, finally achieve glycosylated end temperature. Cook the saccharifying method can make up for some malt dissolve bad faults. , according to a number of boiling liquid cement cook saccharification method can be divided into primary, secondary and create saccharifying method for three times, and fast cooking method, etc. Leaching saccharification is purely the use of enzymes for saccharification method, its characteristic is all mash from certain mash, slow segmentation up to glycosylated end temperature. Leaching saccharification method needs to use dissolved good malt. Application of this method, mash without boiling stage. 1 full malt cook saccharification method ( 1) Time cook saccharification method features are: (1) secondary boiled out of saccharifying method is suitable for processing various properties of malt and manufacturing various types of beer; (2) to light malt manufacturing ale is common in this way. According to the quality of malt, the feed temperature is low ( 35~37℃) Can be high, 50~52℃) ; (3) the whole process of sugar can be finished within 3 ~ 4 h. ( 2) A cook saccharification method features are: (1) initial temperature for 30 ~ 35 ℃, and then heated to 50 to 55 ℃, resting on protein. Can also start the protein resting for 50 to 55 ℃; (2) 50 direct heating to 65 ~ 68 ℃ ~ 55 ℃, saccharification, (3) the first two ( 35 - 50℃, 50- 65℃) Are carried out within the mash tun, saccharification, the end of wheat bad sink, add 1/3 ~ 1/2 capacity of supernatant fluid to mash copper, heat to boil, then mix, make glue mixture temperature of 76 ~ 78 ℃. 2 the malt leaching saccharification method ( 1) Thermostatic leaching saccharification method after crushing malt, stir into the water, 1 65 ℃ heat preservation. 5 ~ 2. 0 h, then the saccharifying completely glue liquid heating to 75 ~ 78 ℃, or add around 95 ℃ hot water, the glue liquid temperature up to 75 ~ 78 ℃, termination of saccharification, into the filter tank. ( 2) Heating leaching saccharification method using low temperature water dipping malt, time is 0. 5 ~ 1. 0 h, promote the malt softening and enzyme activation, and then heat up to 50 ℃ or so protein decomposition, 30 min, then slowly heating to 62 ~ 63 ℃, saccharifying around 30 min, then heat up to 70 ℃, 68 make a minus Until amylase, saccharifying completely ( Meet iodine is blue reaction) And then heating to 76 ~ 78 ℃, terminate the saccharification. The above two is a common method of two kinds of saccharification, saccharification process is the essence of the brewing process, if there is no ready saccharification, can affect the quality of the wine, saccharification is very important. If you want to consult more about beer equipment, can leave a message to us, welcome to our factory field trips!
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