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Brewed beer equipment theory of the effect on the stability of the saccharification process of beer

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Saccharification process is important link in the whole process of home-brewed beer, it will affect the entire beer quality stability, the saccharification process has several aspects which affect the stability of beer quality, hao lu beer equipment manufacturer to make a knowledge popularization. (1) the feed temperature, feed temperature on the properties of the beer and the beer flavor stability have a significant impact. High temperature material can weaken the decomposition of proteins, to extract a - Amino nitrogen content is reduced, thus improve flavor stability. In addition, the material through high temperature, also can inhibit protein decomposition, thus improving performance of beer foam. If only use malt beer production, feed temperature is recommended with 62 ° C, it can improve the flavor stability of beer. (2) mash of pH: through biological acidification, reduce the pH of mash, oxidation process can be reduced. Not only for most of the starch decomposition enzymes (biological acidification a - Except for amylase) And protein enzymes to provide suitable conditions, at the same time also can inhibit the role of lipoxidase. When transferred to 5 of the pH value of the mash. 5, the flavor stability than normal mash pH5. Improved; When the pH to 5. 2, fresh beer and strengthen aging beer taste quality is satisfactory. (3) the influence of oxygen: when saccharification, if use nitrogen isolation air, to avoid oxidation ( Such as the oxidation of fatty acids and polyphenols) , will be conducive to improve the quality of products. In this way the production of beer, the aging material content is low, polyphenols and anthocyanins content is higher, reducing power, In ITT value) Strong, can effectively prevent oxidation.
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