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Brewed beer equipment three type saccharification equipment introduction ( On)

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Brewed beer equipment manufacturers, according to many years of manufacturing experience, saccharifying system continue to share three apparatus type, small make up have to share the two type of saccharifying system ( Click to view) 。 Three device type saccharifying system is divided into: two body and three machine body, this article small make up only two poses three apparatus saccharifying system is introduced in this paper three machine equipment: two bodies is commonly + saccharifying boiling pan filter tank + spiral heavy tank, the filter spiral heavy tank actually consist of two layer structure, the upper is filter tank, the lower is spiral heavy tank, common in beer house and cooking. Combination of three unit type saccharifying system advantages: (1) the relative three body saccharifying system, whole is more compact, cover an area of an area small. (2) the filter tank and heavy tank top and bottom separate, extract can be achieved by gravitational natural filtering, filtering faster, extract a high brightness, even if the error, also won't appear wheat tight lead to worse layer sieve plate deformation phenomenon. (3) the boiling pot steam jacket are large heating area, heating up fast. (4) spin heavy tank for vertical cylindrical tank design, because it is a special spiral heavy tank, spin sunken mouth design for tangent rotary sunken mouth, so hop and thermal sludge separation effect is better. (5) wort filtration, boiling pot preparation can develop bad water, and can at the same time of filter for washing, can shorten saccharification time 30 - 50 minutes, utilization rate is higher than the two type saccharifying system. 6. Usually a day can make two batches, if consider to stay up late to work overtime, can brew 3 - a day In beer sales peak, four batches, can in the shortest possible time, more wine brewing. What every coin has two sides, its main drawback is: (1) equipment generally higher than traditional saccharification two apparatus equipment, have a request for the height of the scene; (2) equipment investment than traditional saccharification two apparatus type, combination of three unit type glycosylated has limited capacity.
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