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Brewed beer has become a new trend

by:Trano     2020-02-27
Whether in the supermarket or in some small shops, the common beer is a few yuan of bottled beer. When the brewing is not popular, we have no more choices, now think about the tasteless taste of bottle beer, which is incomparable with the wheat flavor of brewed beer. Industrial beer is to cater to the large-scale low-cost production of the market. It is characterized by adding starch accessories such as rice and corn to the raw materials to reduce the proportion of malt and hops. If malt is not enough, Rice will gather together, this matter has long been an open secret in the beer industry around the world. The reason is that the wineries believe that it is not cost-effective to produce beer with the original wort concentration above 11P in terms of economic benefits. As a result, adding a large amount of auxiliary materials and controlling the concentration of original wort have gradually become the mainstream practice of domestic wineries. Because of this, China's 'fine beer' began to stand out in the beer market, and various 'fine beer' brands began to emerge. Compared with industrial beer, brewed beer has the advantages of interest points and products that cannot be provided, which can meet the demands of beer consumers for better flavor. However, the 'rebellious spirit' contained in brewed beer: anti-monopoly, anti-large-scale production and over-commercialization, which coincides with the unique rebellious spirit of young people, and it is precisely because of this point that, brewed beer has been given a lot of meaning in the hearts of young people, especially in the first-tier cities such as beishangguangshen, industrial beer is gradually 'eliminated' because it cannot provide users with personalized and differentiated products ', therefore, brewed beer has been recognized and fanatical by people in recent years. Through the analysis of this article from haolu beer equipment manufacturer, brewed beer is increasingly recognized by the market and will certainly become a trend. You are preparing for the brewed beer project. You can call our sales hotline to quote you the first time!
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