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Brewed beer is also suitable for winter drinking, do you know?

by:Trano     2020-02-27
Many people have a misunderstanding that beer is a 'summer drink' and it is too cold to drink beer in winter. Is the truth really like this? Let's follow the small beer equipment manufacturers to find out. Modern scientific research shows that beer not only has high nutritional value, but also has good therapeutic effect. The alcohol content in beer is low, and the 10-degree yellow beer contains about 3% alcohol, which does no harm to the stomach and liver and can gently promote blood circulation in the human body; Vitamin B1, B6 has been able to maintain normal heart activity, and niacin can expand blood vessels, so they are beneficial to the cardiovascular system, can accelerate metabolism. In winter, due to the low temperature, under the stimulation of cold, the human body will cause chills in limbs, pale complexion, listlessness, increased urination and other phenomena, which is due to the chills caused by large heat consumption and insufficient heat supply in the body. People need 2986 kilocalories a day, while beer can produce 788 kilocalories per liter, which is equivalent to more than 1/4 of adults' daily needs. If you drink some beer properly in winter, you can get rid of cold, because alcohol contains a lot of heat, which will be quickly absorbed by the human body. Drink in moderation, let you have a warm winter. Beer can promote digestion. When people reach middle age, the function of digestive system will decrease. If you drink liquor in moderation before meals, you can promote the secretion of digestive enzymes such as pancreatic fluid, and increase the digestion and absorption of food by the gastrointestinal tract, therefore, moderate drinking of white wine with meals for middle-aged and elderly people can make up for the defect of low digestive function. Moderate drinking can reduce the burden on the heart and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Ancient Chinese medicine has long known that drinking can activate the collaterals, accelerate blood circulation, effectively regulate and improve biochemical metabolism and conduction in the body, in the wine with traditional Chinese medicine ingredients can play a role in the use of wine, the work of medicine, cure many stubborn diseases. According to the measurement, winter neurasthenia people use 'beer therapy', that is, half an hour after a meal and half a bottle of beer before going to bed (About 320), 30 days for a course of treatment, very effective. A French scientist once investigated the mystery of longevity of 10 elderly people over 80 years old and found that they had a common feature in eating habits, that is, they like hot drinks, such as hot beer, hot water mixed with wine, hot milk, etc. From this point of view, fine-brewed beer does not matter what season it can be drunk or what season it cannot be drunk. Proper drinking of some fine-brewed beer is good for one's health.
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