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Brewery analysis of maintenance tips for pop can filling machine in winter

by:Trano     2020-01-12
The cans filling machine is a series of products of a new generation of filling and sealing machines designed and manufactured according to the actual situation of large and medium-sized canning factories and beverage factories in China and referring to Switzerland's advanced similar products of filling and sealing cans. It is very popular in the market. Winter is coming. How much do you know about the maintenance method of the equipment? Today, follow the beer filling machine factory Shandong trano to learn about it below. Shandong trano suggests that you need to pay attention to the following aspects, as follows: 1. Screw fixing parts, etc. : replace the corrosion, stop the knife fixing screw, and stop the knife cylinder to remove the scale, the liquid tray is cleaned and fixed, and the liquid tube is installed and locked with a clip. 2. Maintenance of filling head: in-line type is Valve plug; Piston filling machine plug is internal plug type ( If the stainless steel round mouth is damaged, the sealing will be lax. When dismantling, pay attention to whether the round mouth is damaged); The cylinder is clean, check whether the spring is intact, and then drip into the cylinder for smoothness. 3. Appearance maintenance: the beer filling machine factory suggests checking the integrity of the door frame, treating the traces after corrosion and whether the hinges are damaged; Pipeline cleaning, bin cleaning, float level gauge cleaning, platform cleaning, chain cleaning. 4, three-way valve maintenance: three-way valve sealing ring; The cylinder is clean, check whether the spring is intact, and then drip into the cylinder for smoothness. 5. Electrical circuit: tidy and beautiful, replace the electromagnetic valve with unstable measurement, check whether the wire connector is in good contact and insulation, and check whether there is any overcurrent trace in the appearance of the contactor, check whether the float level gauge screw is loose and the action interval is correct. 6. Teflon tube: replace the clip with corrosion, and replace the Teflon tube with leakage. The above is the six-point maintenance trick of the cans filling machine introduced by the beer filling machine factory in winter. Have you mastered it? I hope these contents can be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more details, you can pay more attention to the website dynamics and welcome everyone to visit and buy at any time. :
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