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Brief introduction of linear filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-29
Linear Automatic quantitative filling machine is an electromechanical and gas integration equipment, which is welcomed by the packaging market due to its convenient quantitative adjustment and wide range of adaptation. It is widely used in normal pressure filling of liquor, mineral water and other liquids; According to the different quantitative valves used, they are divided into solenoid valves and pneumatic valves. Solenoid valves need to be opened and closed frequently in the filling process and are easy to be damaged, so they are gradually eliminated by the market, pneumatic valves are recognized by users for their cleanliness and durability. The piston metering pump is adopted and adjusted separately, so the filling quantity is accurate, the structure is reasonable, the operation is convenient, and it can be applied to bottles of different materials and different specifications. The material contact parts of metering pump are all made of 316L stainless steel, which is convenient to disassemble, easy to clean and disinfect, and conforms to GMP standard. Linear filling is a kind of gap filling, which consists of main components such as bottle feeding belt, bottle feeding, bottle stopping, positioning mechanism, filling head, piston metering pump group, electrical parts, etc. This mechanism combines them organically through the mechanical transmission system, and acts according to artificial requirements in a coordinated and compact way to complete the actions of bottle sorting, bottle feeding, positioning, bottle blocking, quantitative filling, etc. The whole machine is driven by an independent motor, and the bottle conveying belt and the disc bottle are driven separately. The structure of the whole machine is compact and clear, the adjustment is convenient, and the action is sensitive and reliable.
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