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BS-Overview of type 1 automatic capping machine

by:Trano     2020-03-01
Power indication' : The indicator light starts when the host is connected to the power'Emergency stop' : The host has an abnormal condition, you can press this button, the host automatically stops all work'Manual/automatic' : During installation and debugging or when the machine is abnormal, you can start to manually enter and check the working performance of each detail part, and start automatically during normal work'Block pail' : In the manual state, the barrel can be freely tested. Overview of cylinder performance BS-1 The puller adopts 38× 38mm stainless steel square tube welding frame, transmission mechanism, pneumatic reversing capping mechanism, electrical control and other parts. It has the characteristics of smooth wear resistance and corrosion resistance. 1. Pull the cover, blow the cover and light control in one, the three working conditions are completed within the set time, saving time, labor and electricity. 2, pull the cover mode, the user can reasonably adapt the output of the pulling machine according to the customer's needs-Model- The number of cover pulling heads is 3. The operation is simple. The whole cover pulling process can be completed by adopting unmanned operation in all processes. 4. Pay attention to the power supply mode of this machine. N is the zero line. Connect the power supply and confirm the rotation direction of the conveying motor. Then turn on the panel power switch to test run. 5, the removal machine is suitable for 3 gallons, 5 gallons of drinking water recycling barrel cover, barrel separation. The separated barrel cover has no wear and deformation, and can be reused after disinfection, thus improving the utilization rate of the barrel cover. This machine is powered by air pressure and is safe and reliable. The rated air source pressure is 0. 5Mpa/㎝ 2, air intake ≥0. 1m 3/min, the cover pulling rate is 200 ~ 900/hour. Connect the air source and place the recycling barrel on the rear conveyor chain.
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