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Daily maintenance and maintenance of juice filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-19
Fruit juice filling production equipment is suitable for filling glass bottles and liquid beverages of gas-containing beverages. It can realize bottle flushing, filling and capping on one machine. The design is scientific and reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, the maintenance is convenient, and the hanging card is stuck at the bottle mouth, replacement bottle convenient. Fast and labor-saving. The fruit juice filling production equipment adopts the structure of feeding screw to convey the glass bottle, and the bottle is automatically flushed, and adopts the principle of lifting the filling valve, so that the whole line of conveying the bottle is more stable and reliable; The principle of gravity type low vacuum filling and the secondary valve opening technology are adopted, thus ensuring the requirements of full liquid level filling process; The rotary capping device adopts pneumatic capping, which has the functions of not damaging the surface of the lid, lacking the cover signal in the hopper, controlling the capping machine to automatically supplement the lid, etc; The fruit juice filling production equipment adopts advanced man-machine interface operation. The fruit juice filling production equipment is an automatic control technology such as computer program automatic control, frequency conversion stepless adjustment, etc. It has low temperature automatic shutdown, automatic control of feeding and backflow, it has the functions of no bottle, no lid, no bottle waiting, and automatic shutdown of the lid in the lid chute. Daily maintenance and maintenance of juice filling machine the bottleneck part of juice filling production equipment is stuck, which avoids the possible pollution of the screw thread part of the bottle mouth caused by the rubber clip block on the traditional bottle clip. JUICE filling production equipment is made of stainless steel ANSI304, which is sanitary and durable. The spray nozzle is used for flushing, and the water for flushing the bottle is sprayed out at a set angle, which can be rinsed to any part of the inner wall of the bottle, thoroughly rinsed and saved water for flushing the bottle, and the screw cover is a magnetic screw cover, it has overload protection function and the tightening torque is stable and reliable. The sealing cover has no gnawing cover, high cover, crooked cover and curling phenomenon. Fruit juice filling production equipment after the bottle enters the bottle Flushing Station, the bottle Flushing clip clamps the bottle mouth, and the bottle is turned 180 degrees to flush the bottle with water. The glass bottle is drained while flushing during the flushing process, after washing, enter the filling station and adopt negative pressure filling method. Screw the lid part screw the lid which has been arranged by the capping device onto the bottle which has been filled with the product, and send it to the subsequent process through the conveyor chain. The capping machine drives the rotary disk to rotate through the reducer. The juice filling production equipment makes the lid leave the Hopper from the mouth of the lid under the action of centrifugal force. There is a front and back cover separating device at the exit. When the reverse cover passes by, the cover will automatically fall into the return pipe and blow the reverse cover into the hopper automatically through wind power. Only the positive cover can smoothly enter the slide nei, and the cover amount of the Hopper nei is automatically detected by the photoelectric switch to control the cover conveyor to ensure that the lower cover achieves the effect. When the front cover of the juice filling production equipment enters the slideway, it can smoothly enter the feeding cover plate. In order to prevent accidents, a dial with anti-reverse cover is configured on the slideway at the same time, make sure that the cover that enters the feeding cover plate is correct. A pair of photoelectric switches are also configured on the slide. When no cover is detected, the main engine will be stopped immediately. Ensure the filling level.
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