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Design of control circuit for beer processing equipment

by:Trano     2020-01-11
The design of the control loop of beer processing equipment is in the automatic control mode, with a total of 8 signal inputs, they are the temperature of 6 fermentation tanks, the temperature of the alcohol tank of the refrigeration equipment, the temperature input of the saccharification equipment and the outlet temperature of the plate heat exchanger. The output mainly includes 13 beer making equipment such as heater, saccharification pump, agitator, ploughing knife, refrigerator, solenoid valve, pipeline pump, 6 solenoid valves, etc. 1. PLC Selection takes into account the input and output scale of the whole beer processing equipment and the cost performance. omron sysmac CP1EN30 PLC ( The power supply voltage of this PLC is 220 V, 18 switching value inputs, 12 relay outputs, 24V switching power supply input, 24V switching voltage output, and up to 3 expansion units are supported)As the main control unit. 2. Touch screen selection and related circuit design take into account the economic benefits and the requirements of the control system, and select the monitoring equipment as Kunlun on-state TPC- 7062 k, which is an embedded integrated industrial control computer. After years of use, its related technology has become quite mature and has eight advantages: HD, true color, environmental protection, fashion, service, reliability, performance, convenience and other characteristics. The touch screen can be powered by 24 v dc and 220 AC-24 v dc transformer supplies power to it. 3. The design of analog input circuit takes into account that the whole beer production line has a total of 8 temperature inputs, so the temperature expansion unit should be adopted, and OMRON temperature expansion unit CP1W-TS102. It can be connected with platinum thermal resistance, acquisition range :-200 ~ 650 ℃, accuracy 0. 1℃, and the collected temperature can be saved as BCD code, as shown in figure 2. 4. Switching value output circuit design the output of the PLC is 18 channels of switching value. Its wiring diagram is shown in figure 3. The output here is 24V switching voltage and cannot directly drive 220 v ac contactor. Therefore, MY-2N-The internal circuit diagram of J-type relay is shown in Fig. 4. The 24 v dc output by PLC electric shock controls the 220V coil to be on or off, thus indirectly controlling the AC contactor. Considering the universal type of beer processing equipment system, manual control mode and automatic control mode should be adopted. In the design, it is necessary to form an interlocking relationship between manual control and automatic control mode. In order to avoid competition, PLC cannot normally control the on-off of AC contactor, the rotary switch is adopted to switch between manual and automatic modes. The above content is the design of the control circuit of beer processing equipment introduced by Shandong trano Packaging Equipment Co. , Ltd. You can have a good understanding of it. : Beer production equipment, beer processing equipment
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