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Design principle of rotary beer filling machine

by:Trano     2019-12-26
For beer, from production to packaging, it is implemented by different beer production equipment, and efficiency is one of the key factors. In order to further improve efficiency, beer equipment manufacturers-- Shandong trano Packaging Equipment Co. , Ltd. has carried out relevant research. The following is an introduction to the design principle of rotary beer filling machine. According to the filling schematic diagram of Fig. 1, the functional decomposition diagram of Fig. 2 and the mechanism selected in Table 1, the mechanical motion diagram of the rotary beer filling machine can be drawn (See Figure 3) The structure and working principle can be seen from the mechanical motion diagram of the rotary beer filling machine. The working principle is as follows: the rotary beer filling machine can realize continuous filling of container bottles on the rotating workbench, the turntable has multiple stations, which can realize filling, sealing and other processes. In order to ensure accurate filling and sealing at these stations, the beer filling machine must be equipped with a positioning device. According to the functional decomposition diagram, the schematic diagram of beer filling machine is designed (As shown in Figure 2)Station 1 is used to input empty bottles; Station 2 to achieve filling; Station 3 completes the sealing; Station 4 outputs the filled container. The empty container bottle is transmitted through the conveyor belt into the fixed worktable with less surface friction, and then enters the groove of the turntable station 1 by relying on inertia, and then the turntable rotates to drive the container bottle to enter the station 2 and stop rotating for filling, after that, the turntable rotates to drive the filled container bottle into Station 3 and then stop rotating to seal the gland. After that, the turntable rotates to drive the processed container into Station 4, then the finished container bottle is automatically output and placed through the conveyor belt. This kind of beer filling machine has a simple structure and adopts a rotary structure, which can realize continuous filling. The system uses conveyor belt to carry out continuous transmission of containers. Container bottles are evenly distributed at equal intervals on the conveyor belt. After entering the station, the processing of the established process is completed in each station in turn. After all the processes are completed, the container is output from the conveyor belt to the specified location. This kind of design process is closely linked, the process interval is reasonable, and the arrangement is uniform, which can effectively solve the problem of container bottle stacking on the workbench. This system is driven by a motor. Through the selection of mechanism, the transmission and conversion of motion can be realized to realize automation. Rotary beer filling machine can better realize beer filling through automation and improve filling efficiency, which is worthy of praise. : Beer filling machine beer equipment manufacturer
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