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Detailed explanation of characteristics and cleaning methods of self-brewed beer equipment

by:Trano     2019-12-16
In the rapidly developing Internet era, beer production equipment is very popular in the market, and self-brewed beer equipment is developing rapidly and is favored and loved by consumers in the market. How much do you know about it? Do you know the characteristics of this equipment? Do you know how to clean the equipment? Next, Shandong trano machinery equipment of beer filling machine factory will take you to the following to learn about it. I. Features 1. It is made of stainless steel or stainless steel. It has exquisite and luxurious appearance, simple and flexible operation, low power consumption and small floor space. 2. The production environment of beer equipment is clean and sanitary, without pollution, and the wine is full of fragrance. 3, high degree of automation, even non-brewing professional can brew superior beer. 4, can brew black beer, yellow beer, red beer, fruit beer, guvas and other beer drinks. 5. The investment in self-brewed beer equipment is small, the income is large, and the investment can be recovered in the short term. Second, the cleaning method of self-brewed beer equipment is indispensable. Let's take a look at the cleaning method of the beer equipment, as shown below: 1. The cleaning principle of the heat exchanger is the same as that of the pipeline. The beer filling machine factory tells everyone that the medium of the heat exchanger is in a prime flow state under normal working conditions. If the design flow rate is 20 percent higher- 30 cleaning solution for cleaning, you can get a good cleaning effect. 2. The washing of the pipeline is mainly to give full play to the mechanical function to improve the washing effect. When cleaning with cold cleaning solution, in order to achieve good washing effect, different pipe diameters require different flow rates of washing Huai in the pipe. 3. Cleaning the tank can be completed by an automatic tank washer, which has two types: ball spray type and mechanical type. When the self-brewed beer equipment is dirty and the tank diameter is large, a mechanical tank washer is generally used to increase the washing radius and cleaning strength by increasing the outlet pressure of the tank washer. Compared with the spray ball can washer, the mechanical can washer can adopt a lower flow rate of cleaning liquid. 4. Cleaning of parts and machines there is no fixed mode for cleaning parts of beer equipment, which can be cleaned according to the general steps of equipment cleaning. To sum up, the characteristics and cleaning methods of the self-brewed beer equipment introduced by Shandong trano mechanical equipment in the beer filling machine factory have been explained here. I hope these contents can be helpful to everyone. In addition, it is recommended to regularly repair and maintain the beer equipment to extend its service life as much as possible. : Beer production equipment
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