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Detailed explanation of two automatic control systems for miniature beer equipment

by:Trano     2019-12-31
In the above article, we will tell you about the brewing process of the micro-beer equipment. Do you know what the beer production equipment is? Everyone may say it is automation. Indeed, this era is becoming more and more automatic and intelligent, and beer brewing is also realized by the automatic control system of brewing equipment. The following beer filling machine manufacturers-- Trano will talk about the two automatic control systems of miniature beer equipment. 1. Selection of controller for automatic control system of micro beer equipment common industrial controllers: programmable controller, special control instrument, intelligent PID control instrument and industrial control instrument. Considering the automatic production of micro beer, PLC is selected as the control unit. Programmable Controller is a storage program controller, which gradually realizes control tasks through its internal stored programs. PLC has been widely popularized in industry because of its flexible, Universal, safe and reliable, strong environmental adaptability, convenient use, simple maintenance and other advantages. Considering that the main controlled objects of the micro beer automatic production line are heaters, agitators, solenoid valves, pipeline pumps, saccharification pipeline pumps, refrigerators, etc. , and considering that the main information of the whole automatic micro beer detection is temperature, therefore, PLC is adopted and supplemented with the corresponding temperature detection module. 2. Selection of man-machine interface for automatic control system of micro beer equipment automatic control of micro beer production line must have a man-machine interactive interface, and this interface should realize the monitoring of the whole process, timely alarm for errors in the production process, the switching of manual control and automatic control, and the temperature of important parameters in production. real-time monitoring, displaying the whole process in the form of animation, communicating with PLC and other functions. Touch screen is used here :(1) The touch screen can isolate dust, water vapor, etc. , and can adapt to the entire environment of the micro beer equipment; (2)It has good operability. The above contents are the two major automatic control systems of micro beer equipment brought by trano, including the two major parts of automatic control system controller and automatic control system Man-Machine Interface, the brewing is also done by these two automation systems. Do you feel the power of automation? : Miniature beer equipment
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