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Device Characteristics and principle of Heat Shrinkable film Charter

by:Trano     2020-03-01
Before using the heat shrink machine, it is very necessary to understand the working principle of the heat shrink packaging machine. It mainly uses the heat shrink film to change due to irregular arrangement between the original molecules under heating, under some heat radiation such as infrared rays, plastic molecules are rearranged tightly, thus greatly reducing the original area and making the Heat Shrinkable film tightly attached to the product surface to achieve the purpose of packaging. The separating device of Heat Shrinkable packaging bottle has the following characteristics: 1. Novel structure; 2. Flexible and reliable movements; 3. The characteristics of accurate separation and quick replacement of varieties can improve work efficiency and avoid bottle clamping failure. The principle of the bottle sorting and separating device of the heat-shrinkable film packaging bottle is: it has the bottle feeding conveyor belt and the buffer conveyor belt which are set in sequence along the movement direction of the bottle and move in the same direction, and its characteristics are: the counting and clamping mechanism is set on both sides of the mentioned bottle-feeding conveyor belt, and the special film covered by aluminum is customized. The above of the mentioned buffer conveyor belt is suspended and the bottle-pulling and separating mechanism is set, and the outside of the bottle-pulling and separating mechanism is set with the bottle-blocking mechanism. The utility model is applicable to the production matching before packing in food, medicine, daily chemical and other industries, and belongs to the technical field of packaging.
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