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Distribution of transmission ratio of beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-01-11
At present, there are many beer production equipments on the market. Beer filling machines, craft beer equipment, small beer equipment, craft beer machines and other beer manufacturing equipments are widely used in beer production lines, the following Shandong trano Packaging Equipment Co. , Ltd. , which specializes in beer production equipment, will give you a detailed introduction on the distribution of transmission ratio of beer filling machines. The mechanisms required by the beer filling machine to complete the above movements are as follows: the turntable intermittent motion mechanism is a grooved wheel mechanism, a Crank slider mechanism for sealing, a cam mechanism for filling, a cam mechanism for positioning and clamping, the input and output of the container bottle are made of pulley mechanism, the conveyor belt is driven by synchronous belt, the working face of the belt is made of tooth shape, and the hub surface of the pulley is also made of corresponding tooth shape. This kind of belt transmission has very little deformation after being loaded, the peripheral joints of the toothed belt are basically unchanged, and the transmission ratio is constant and accurate. The toothed belt is thin and light, and can be used for occasions with high speed. The linear speed can reach 40 m/s, the transmission ratio can reach 10, and the transmission efficiency can reach 98%. In order to make the beer filling machine more efficient, the filling machine is driven by a motor to realize automation. If the turntable diameter is set to 600, a three-phase asynchronous motor (Such as model Y112M-4) The speed of the motor is required to be 1440rpm and the rated power is 4kW. After deceleration, the filling speed can be 10 bottles/min. Because the rotating speed of the motor is relatively high, the transmission system needs to be designed to decelerate. The transmission system adopts a three-stage deceleration mechanism, with the first stage being belt transmission and the second and third stages being gear transmission. In order to make the transmission components smaller in size and compact in structure, the transmission ratio is adoptedFirst small and then big'Principle. The total transmission ratio is calculated first, and then the transmission ratios at all levels are distributed. Calculate the total transmission ratio: I is the total transmission ratio of the transmission reduction system; I1 is the transmission ratio used for primary deceleration; I2 is the transmission ratio adopted by the secondary transmission; I3 is the transmission ratio used for the third stage deceleration; N0 is the speed of Motor 1; N1 is the speed of the pulley 3; N2 is the speed of the gear 5; N3 is the rotation speed of gear 7. Distribution of transmission ratios at all levels: take i1 = 4, i2 = i3 = 6, then I total = 144. After three-stage deceleration, the rotating speed of the shaft connected to the gear 7 is reduced to 10 rpm, and the meshing transmission ratio of the bevel gear is 1, then the rotating speed of the turntable is 10 rpm, thus realizing the filling speed of 10 rpm. The meshing transmission ratio of other gears and bevel gears is 1. The above content is the distribution of the transmission ratio of the beer filling machine introduced by Shandong trano Packaging Equipment Co. , Ltd. , you can have a good understanding, it is very helpful for configuring the beer filling machine. : Beer filling machine beer making equipment
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