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Do you know how to buy high-quality brewing equipment?

by:Trano     2020-01-02
Nowadays, beer production equipment has gradually penetrated into our daily life, of which brewing equipment is especially prominent in beer production equipment. Do you know how to purchase high-quality brewing equipment? What's the trick? Next, Shandong trano, a beer filling machine manufacturer, will share it with you. 1. Supporting equipment ( What do the brewing equipment manufacturers give away, what is included in the whole set of equipment); Common gifts include alcohol concentration meters, thermometers, stainless steel valves, etc. You can also choose filters when purchasing brewing equipment. 2, the material of the equipment ( Is it stainless steel or aluminum, what is the thickness, and what is the material label. Common brewing equipment is food grade stainless steel); The material of the equipment directly determines the service life of the equipment. When purchasing the equipment, you should ask clearly whether the service life, warranty period, warranty is the main warranty or the overall warranty. Look at the device itself (Whether the equipment pastes the pot, how about the cooling effect) The current brewing equipment is basically a double-layer automatic anti-paste pot energy-saving equipment, there are some ordinary equipment on the market, the purchase of equipment should pay attention to identify the wine source double-layer equipment or single-layer, the double layer can also be seen from the appearance ( The outer circle has a large outer layer. The bottom is wide, and the ordinary single-layer equipment is straight). 3. Look at the qualification of beer filling machine manufacturers, look at the price of equipment, and actually understand the reputation and customer evaluation of brewing equipment manufacturers. 4. Choosing a good set of brewing equipment depends on whether there is a bartending technology. Under normal circumstances, the brewed wine needs to go through a certain process before it can be put on the market for sale, such as blending, so as to release the aroma of the wine. Under normal circumstances, manufacturers selling wine leading brewing equipment will be informed by bartending techniques. 5. See whether the taste of the wine meets the local requirements and whether the quality of the wine meets the national requirements. 6, factory after-sales and service ( Whether the manufacturer bears the freight and teaches new wine-making technology training, such as solid-state high-yield wine-making process of clinker wine source, solid-state high-yield wine-making process of clinker has good taste, simple operation and high wine yield. ) Beer filling machine manufacturers suggest that you need to do some preparatory work in advance when purchasing brewing equipment. You should conduct a field trip to see the situation and then decide. Don't blindly follow the crowd, I hope that the above content can help everyone, and I wish everyone can choose the one that suits them. : Brewing equipment
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