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Do you know how to drink a thousand glasses of beer?

by:Trano     2019-12-15
In our lives, there are often such a group of people. 'Pour a cup'However, there is still a group of people. 'A thousand cups do not fall'. For both, we naturally hope to be the latter. Because I feel that I have a face. Social parties in life are essential, and how to choose cheers has attracted much attention. How can we not get drunk with beer? Beer production equipment companies share the way beer is not drunk: first, before drinking 1, noodles: before drinking, you must eat something, let the stomach have something to digest, because drinking on an empty stomach is very easy to get drunk. Eating bread or steamed bread before drinking is not so easy to get drunk. 2. Raw soybeans: eating some soaked raw soybeans before drinking can prevent drunkenness. Because these proteins can consume alcohol, which can reduce the damage of alcohol to the body. 3. Milk: drinking a cup of milk before drinking can not only nourish the stomach, but also form a protective film to reduce the damage of alcohol to the stomach. 4, light salt water: Although light salt water can not be counted as a kind of food, but it is still worth mentioning here, because drinking some light salt water before drinking, is conducive to diuresis, can let alcohol out of the body as soon as possible. 2. When drinking 1. Foods rich in starch: starch macromolecules can combine with alcohol to delay the absorption of alcohol by the stomach. The most common starch-rich food on the wine table is rice. Therefore, eating rice while drinking can not only fill the stomach, but also prevent drunkenness. 2. Foods rich in vitamin B: the metabolism of alcohol in the liver needs the help of vitamin B, so it is better to eat more coarse grains, milk, egg yolk, mushrooms and other foods before drinking. In addition, if necessary, you can also take vitamin B complex tablets directly. 3. Yogurt: the viscosity of yogurt is often added with plant gel thickener, so it stays in the stomach for a long time, which is beneficial to dilute alcohol and delay the absorption of alcohol. This kind of food is convenient to prepare and drink. The gap between drinking can also be justified. 4. Vegetables: vegetables have more water and can effectively help dilute the concentration of alcohol. Cauliflower and pumpkin are good choices. 5. Bean products: there is an amino acid in bean products that can dissolve alcohol and accelerate its excretion out of the body after eating. In addition, lecithin in bean products has the function of protecting liver. 6. Animal liver food: when drinking, eating more animal liver such as pig liver can improve the detoxification ability of human body to alcohol. 7. Foods with high protein content: protein and fat stay in the stomach for the longest time, so they are most suitable as snacks. In order to avoid getting fat due to excessive intake of high-protein foods, it is best to choose foods such as fish, lean meat, chicken, eggs and cheese. Three, after drinking 1, tomato juice: Tomato juice is rich in special fructose, can promote alcohol decomposition. Drinking more than 300 ml of tomato juice at one time can gradually eliminate dizziness after drinking. 2. Grapes: grapes are rich in tartaric acid, which can interact with ethanol in wine to form ester substances and achieve the purpose of relieving alcoholism. If you eat before drinking, you can also prevent drunkenness. Learning knowledge, the original grapes can not only make wine, but also hangover! 3. Honey: honey contains a special ingredient, which can promote the decomposition and absorption of alcohol and relieve headache symptoms. 4. Thick rice soup: rice soup contains polysaccharide and vitamin B, which has the effect of sobering up. If you add white sugar to drink together, the effect of relieving alcoholism will be better. When the rice soup is cooked, the layer of rice water on the top when it is boiled can be scooped out with a spoon. 5. Hot water: Speaking of which, it suddenly occurred to me that a friend sent out at 5: 00 in the morning of one day in the circle of friends. After drinking with customers for a night, who will give me a bowl of hot soup now, I am willing to love TA for a lifetime! 'Feeling. At this time, a bowl of thick rice soup is definitely better than thousands of sweet words and vows! However, I saw someone comment below. ' Hard work, brother, it's still practical to burn a pot of hot water yourself! ' Drinking thick rice soup really needs character too much. It's better to drink hot water and let water exclude alcohol. Although it's a little dull, it's also a method. 6. Watermelon: watermelon can clear away heat and fire, with high water content, and can quickly discharge alcohol with urine. Now is the season to eat watermelon, convenient and affordable. 7. Banana: banana is an ideal food for hangover treatment. When you have a hangover, your body loses a lot of potassium salt needed for metabolism. If you eat some bananas, your body will soon recover. Bananas are very common fruits, so people who like to drink can always keep bananas. Through the above understanding, you know how to solve the problem of drinking and not getting drunk! However, we need to find trano machinery such as beer equipment. We specialize in the production of beer equipment and beer equipment. Let more people drink pure brewed beer. Beer production equipment company pursues excellence and quality. Let's have high-quality beer equipment. :
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