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Do you know how to treat waste water when brewing beer?

by:Trano     2020-01-02
In recent years, beer production equipment has been very popular in the market. With the continuous development of economy, people are paying more and more attention to it. Do you know how the equipment treats waste water when brewing beer? Don't know much about it? Next, follow the beer filling machine factory and take a look at the following. 1. The flow direction of wastewater from various workshops and simple treatment schemes, such as: treatment of wastewater containing diatomite, treatment of wastewater containing yeast, treatment of wastewater containing residue, treatment of large tank cleaning wastewater, treatment of waste water in packaging workshop, whether the wine head and tail are recovered or treated, etc. 2. Types and quantities of waste water produced in each production, BOD/COD analysis value and treatability. 3, beer filling machine factory suggested that attention should be paid to the recovery method of diatomite in wastewater (New Technology)And the treatment and recovery scheme of yeast in wastewater. 4. Comprehensive process of wastewater treatment and related equipment action principles, such as action mechanism of oxidation pond, cultivation and regeneration of activated sludge, etc. 5. Various rules and regulations concerning production wastewater in order to protect the environment. 6. Monitoring measures for wastewater treatment cost and treatment effect; Treatment methods and effects of various and residual alkali-containing wastewater in actual production. The above is the six-point method for treating wastewater when brewing beer introduced by the beer filling machine factory. After reading the above, everyone has a further understanding of beer, I hope these contents can be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about beer equipment, you can pay more attention to the website dynamics and welcome everyone to visit trano machinery and equipment for purchase. : Beer production equipment
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