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Do you know the manufacturing materials of glass bottle beer filling machine?

by:Trano     2019-12-20
As we all know, glass bottle beer filling machine is suitable for filling liquid with low viscosity, its storage box and moderate vacuum state. How much do you know about the manufacturing materials of the equipment? Is it not clear? Next, follow the beer production equipment company Shandong trano to go to the following to learn about it. The filling machine is driven by an asynchronous motor with a frequency converter. The input and output of beverage bottles are independent. The drive of the input conveyor belt is separated from the main drive of the equipment, and the output conveyor belt is driven by an electric motor with a frequency converter. This transmission mechanism ensures the continuity of drinks during startup and operation; The beverage bottle dispenser before entering the perfusion valve is made of plastic and can be replaced according to the size of the bottle. 2. The anti-noise shielding cover of the beer filling machine is made of room rust material and glass. The beverage storage box, together with all control elements, is driven by an electric motor and can be adjusted up and down according to the bottle height within the specified range. The electrical equipment of the filling machine is concentrated in two control boxes, which are connected by a cable. 3. The control panel is next to the filling machine, and the panel controlling the air content is also connected with it. The stroke control of the machine can be controlled by simple flow control until automatic programming, with monitoring of various functions, time loss and stroke control, these monitoring processes are closely related to the number of bottles at the inlet of the filling machine. 4. The control panel includes two parts of the control system, power supply and safety lines, frequency converters and other electrical equipment components. Panels can be placed randomly. With two capping heads, one of them can be selected for operation and the other for standby. The equipment has the advantages of high reliability and easy cleaning. All parts in contact with the infusion liquid are made of stainless steel or other materials without hygiene hazards. These are some of the production materials of glass bottle beer filling machine introduced by Shandong trano, a beer production equipment company. I believe you will have a better understanding of the equipment after reading it and want to know more details, you can pay more attention to the website dynamics and welcome everyone to visit and buy at any time. : Beer filling machine
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