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Do you know the whole process of brewing beer?

by:Trano     2019-12-15
The function of beer equipment is to brew beer, and the quality of beer equipment is related to the health of our diet beer. How much do you know about the whole process of brewing beer with self-brewed beer equipment? In this regard, the self-brewed beer equipment shares the whole process of beer, and you should know something about it! Let's take a look at the beer barrel cleaning machine manufacturer Shandong trano sharing the whole process of brewing beer: 1. Selected barley: beer equipment brewing beer should all be made of high-quality imported Australian wheat and Jiamai. 2. Soaking wheat: increase the water content of barley and remove dust, sundries, microorganisms and other harmful substances. 3. Germination: various enzymes are formed in wheat grains, and some high molecular substances such as starch, protein and hemicellulose are decomposed to meet the needs of saccharification. 4, drying and Coke: remove the moisture in the malt, prevent the spoilage of the malt, facilitate storage, and remove the smell of the malt, resulting in the color, aroma and taste of the malt, stop the growth of green malt and the decomposition of enzymes. 5. Root removal: Root buds have strong hygroscopicity, are easy to absorb water and rot during storage, and Root buds have bad bitter taste, which will destroy the taste and color of beer, so Root removal should be carried out. 6. Crushing of raw materials: after crushing of raw materials, the specific surface area is increased, and soluble substances are easily leached, which is beneficial to the action of enzymes and further decomposes insoluble substances in malt. 7. Saccharification: use hydrolase in malt to decompose insoluble polymer substances in malt and dressing into soluble low molecular substances. Gelatinization: using various hydrolases contained in malt, insoluble polymer substances in malt and malt auxiliary raw materials are gradually decomposed into soluble low molecular substances under suitable conditions. 8. Wort filtration: separate the substances dissolved from scallion raw materials from insoluble grains in saccharified mash to obtain clarified wort and obtain good yield of extract. 9. Wort boiling: the purpose of boiling is mainly to stabilize the components of wort. Its functions are: enzyme passivation, Wort sterilization, protein denaturation and flocculation precipitation, water evaporation, hops leaching, etc. Adding hops: adding hops is mainly to give the beer a bitter taste, to give the beer a unique fragrance, to improve the non-biological stability of the beer 10, cooling: rapid cooling, reducing the temperature of the wort, to meet the requirements of yeast fermentation, precipitate and separate hot and cold solidified substances in wort to improve fermentation conditions and beer quality 11. Fermentation: computer strictly controls temperature and yeast physiological state, yeastEat' The process of removing maltose and metabolizing CO2 and beer flavor substances. 12. Filter wine: fermented and mature beer, clear and transparent beer is obtained by separating medium and removing suspended solids, residual yeast and protein coagulation. Through the above understanding, you know the whole process of brewing beer! The need for beer equipment to find trano beer equipment, currently producing more than 20 beer equipment, including a variety of large, medium, small, micro beer equipment, factory beer equipment, Hotel beer equipment, bar and teaching laboratory beer equipment, beer barrel cleaning machine, peripheral auxiliary equipment, control equipment, main and auxiliary raw materials supply for beer brewing, brewing technology training and other businesses. :
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