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Draft beer home, a new beer consumption model

by:Trano     2019-12-04
The Shanghai CBCE just ended was a big gathering in the craft beer industry. I met a lot of old friends and met some new brands, but this didn't interest me until I saw the 'Desktop Beer Maker' at the TRano booth '. Theoretically, it is still a portable desktop beer drafting device, which is not much different from the traditional beer drafting machine. The compressor is cooled, and the air pump sends gas to squeeze the beer out of the beer barrel. After passing through the condensation pipe, it becomes cold beer In the wine glass, it just gets smaller and smaller, so small that it can be lifted away. What does this small draft beer delivery solution represent? We can put it at home to solve the light needs of individuals; we can also travel with draught beer to improve the beer experience of meal consumption; there are certain occasions where beer consumption is more concentrated but not lasting, such as weddings, years Yes, everyone did n’t have a solution before, so you can consider the access of draft beer in the future. This allows us to see a new channel for the future beer consumer market-individual beer consumption. 1.Draft beer has to enter the family Everyone who drinks beer knows that the money spent on beer is actually taken up by packaging (bottles, bottles, wine labels, etc.) and transportation (courier packaging materials, etc.), and everyone bears this repeatedly during the beer drinking process Cost, but this is inevitable. And there are many uncontrollable links in the process. There are many people who have problems with the goods themselves and transportation problems. For ordinary users who do not consume beer frequently, these are acceptable, but heavy consumers are awkward. There is a way to avoid these additional risks as much as possible-drinking draught beer directly at home. The one-time purchase cost and additional risk, in exchange for fresh beer and lower costs, I believe most people are willing. Therefore, the issue of entering draught beer itself is no longer a question of whether there is demand or not, but how to achieve it. 2. Where is the difficulty in entering the household Draft beer entered the family. The enthusiast group has actually said for several years, but it is stuck on the solution. Both beer brands and equipment manufacturers have made some efforts in this regard. At least in the cases I have seen, there have been opportunities. Some people have tried to install water-cooled beer brewers in their own homes. They are big, ugly, and cannot be refrigerated. You ca n’t put them in the living room, you can only go to the kitchen or balcony, and they are very demanding on the operator and it is impossible to promote . Some people put a 24-hour refrigerated air-cooled beer maker (cabinet equipment) at home, which is equivalent to a small refrigerator to refrigerate draft beer, and then beat the beer through the head of the refrigerator. This scheme has been adopted by some However, new problems have emerged, and cylinder ventilation is too strenuous for individuals. In addition to traditional draught beer brewing solutions, there are many desktop solutions based on molded goods, such as 5 liter keg beer. 5 liter barrels of beer are relatively common in the market, and some people have made special solutions. This draft beer machine consists of a refrigerator, draft beer barrel, and carbon dioxide gas cylinder. Its working principle is to press out the beer in the draft beer barrel with the high-pressure carbon dioxide gas in the carbon dioxide gas bottle, so that the beer enters the refrigerator, and then out of the wine glass . Although it is good-looking, it still does not solve the problem of gas cylinder use. Every time you buy a small gas cylinder on Taobao, the cost of frequent replacement is actually not low. The main thing is that 5 liter barrels are mainly German beer. More excellent beer is not connected to this packaging form, so it will inevitably limit development. There are also some more effective methods produced by large beer groups. Heineken once had the 'The Sub' home beer machine, which has a freezing function and can reach a minimum of 2 ° C, and can ensure that the internal beer does not deteriorate within 15 days. The operation only needs to put the 'Liquor Egg' with a capacity of 2 liters, that is, a pressurized cannonball-shaped beer can into the beer machine, and the cold beer can be beaten by natural pressure. The concept of the equipment is very good. I have refrigerated, saved the gas cylinder, and are beautiful enough, but the scope of use of this equipment is limited to Heineken products. There is no extensive solution in the beer industry, so there is no What a sensation. So, compared to what pain points does Trano's current draft beer machine solve? 3. What are the advantages of the new solution over traditional ?This new equipment of TRANO actually had a test prototype several years ago, and it is actually still in the process of continuous improvement. First of all, it is a product with a design logic that inherits the ideas of traditional water coolers. By cooling the condenser with electricity, it cools the beer flowing through the condenser (condensation replaces the cooling effect of cold water), but it is smaller in size and also A lot lighter, achieving some portability (previously there was no portability at all). Secondly, there is an air pump inside the machine, which can work to inject air into the barrel and directly press out the beer. This partly eliminates the problem of gas cylinders. Why is it part? Because traditional steel kegs require carbon dioxide to be injected, not air, air can cause beer oxidation. However, the barrel does not require carbon dioxide. His principle is to fill the space between the inner and outer bladder of the barrel and inflate the bladder to achieve the effect of squeezing out wine. In other words, if you buy a space barrel of beer, then this machine can meet all your bottling needs, and there is no need to externally bottle. But if it's a steel wine barrel, you either pick up another carbon dioxide bottle or drink up the wine in a day or two. Third, you no longer need to worry about tedious link distributors, connecting trachea wine tubes, just connect the external distributor to the two interfaces of the device, and the problem is solved. It doesn't matter whether it is better or not, at least it is a lot simpler. Of course, this device is not perfect because of its small size and the efficiency of the refrigeration part is naturally limited. After beating two or three liters of beer continuously, the temperature of the condenser tube naturally rises. At this time, you need to stop and let him rest for 5 minutes. After the temperature naturally drops, you can continue to produce cold beer. At the same time, this machine has no way to refrigerate beer for 24 hours. Compared with the result of the previous Heineken solution, it is still not convenient to store beer for a long time. You may think that this thing is not as powerful as it is said, and it is not good-looking at all, it is just a small draft beer machine. But as far as I know, TRANO's plan on this matter is very huge. In the process of communicating with Mr. Qiu, Mr. Qiu described to me a imagination of the business model of the desktop beer brewing machine: make a beautiful and fool-like device, so that users are willing to put at home as a coffee machine, microwave oven Home equipment. To this end, they spent two or three years researching and developing space buckets with air pumps, developing how to reduce water-cooling devices to efficiently reduce beer temperature, and studying how to refrigerate beer. They will eventually be a machine to solve all the problems of users. . 4. What will happen in the future Later, I knew that the current product was not their favorite form, it was just a prototype for testing the customary structure. how to say? At present, it is not possible to embed wine barrels into the machine, and the problem of refrigeration has not been solved. It is not beautiful enough and efficient, but this machine has expressed all the future. Imagine if you have a beautiful machine, like a domestic coffee machine, you can put it on the table, so that you can drink beer as you want, without having to think about the issue of storage, and without considering the cylinder, you can take it out for a picnic , Go to the ladder of a friend, would you like to give him a series of praise? Anyway, I will definitely buy one. Mr. Qiu also shared some of their designs with me. I can't show them here, but I can make it clear: TRANO has done at least one or two dozen amazing designs. It can be satisfied, but the time has not yet come. This machine at the CBCE site is just to test out the usage habits. What time is it 2019.
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