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Drink filling machine need scientific research support and development trend

by:Trano     2019-12-15
Although the number of employees and the total number of enterprises in the beverage filling machine industry are large, the scientific research strength of the industry is weak, and the corresponding specialties of scientific research institutes and colleges in the industry are also relatively small. Industry some frontier of technology such as ultra-low temperature, ultra-high pressure, membrane separation, supercritical extraction, radiation, vacuum and only by a hospital the is unable to complete the need the venture capital funds. The research and development mode of combining production, learning and research advocated in the past has not been successful in the industry, and the limited scientific research force has not fully played its role. Filling machinery strongly supports scientific research. Brand is the soul of an enterprise. At present, there are many kinds of mechanical products, but there are few good brands. Why? Some enterprises do not attach importance to brands and only study and develop them. However, the lack of a good brand has affected the increase of market share. If an enterprise manages its own brand well, it must have reliable product quality, high-quality after-sales service and image-building marketing publicity, all of which are indispensable. Drink filling machine development trend high speed, high quality, high precision to large-scale development. In order to meet the needs of large-scale production of beverage industry and obtain the best economic benefits, beverage equipment tends to be larger and larger. For example, the filling speed of carbonated beverage filling equipment can reach 2000 cans/min, German H & K Company, SEN company, KRO- NES the company its filling equipment of filling valve number respectively to 165 head, 144 head, 178 head. The number of filling valves for non-carbonated beverage equipment is 50- 100 heads, filling speed up to 1500 cans/min. The equipment is multifunctional. One-piece multi-purpose, suitable for filling and sealing of various liquids and bottles. It can be used for hot filling of various beverages such as tea beverage, coffee beverage, soybean milk beverage and fruit juice beverage, as well as electromechanical integration of filling machinery for glass bottles and polyester bottles. This is the most important trend in the development of beverage filling machinery. Programmable logic controller is widely used in the control system of beverage machinery and equipment. Large equipment is controlled by computer, with self-diagnosis of faults and signal display, thus realizing intelligence. Production equipment of technology content High, reliability High all production line of auto-control level high and all efficiency high. The on-line detection device and the metering device are fully matched, and can automatically detect various parameters with accurate measurement. High-tech products integrating machine, electricity, gas, light and magnetism are constantly emerging. The reliability of beverage and the coordination of packaging line directly affect the working efficiency, production cost and product quality of the whole production line. :
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