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Fermentation under the brewery fermentation tank: what is?

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Home-brewed beer brewing fresh beer equipment, will be divided into the upper fermentation and fermentation under two kinds of way, for the following fermentation way, how about you today hao lu beer equipment manufacturer small make up simple for everyone to do a share. Under the traditional fermentation, fermentation containers placed in air filtration, good heat insulation and clean sanitation of fermentation room, and keep the room temperature is 5 ~ 6 ℃, with open or closed, circular or square fermentation containers. Yeast fermentation under the features: adopts the following, the main fermentation temperature is low, the fermentation process is slow. After the primary fermentation, most of the settlement of yeast in the bottom of the container. After the fermentation of beer fermentation period is longer, wine juice clarification is good, the wine's meticulous foam, gentle flavor, a longer shelf life. Fermentation technology under the condition of the project technical project technical condition wort temperature / ℃ yeast inoculation amount / ℃ / h fermentation yeast breeding time the highest temperature / ℃ cooling water temperature / ℃ fermentation chamber at room temperature, 5 ~ 70 ℃ fermentation room air. 4 to 0. 6207. 5 ~ 9. 00. 5 ~ 1. 56 ~ 8 sterile filter at the end of main fermentation time/d main fermentation temperature / ℃ wine fermentable sugar concentration / ℃ by the end of the fermentation of yeast pH using algebra wort dissolved oxygen (do)/( UL / L) 8 ~ 124. 0 ~ 5. 00. 5 ~ 1. 04. 2 ~ 4. 4 seven generations of no more than 6 ~ 8 below fermentation, although longer fermentation time, but you can with a can of method with shorten fermentation time, use this method to produce wine juice clarification, beer bubble resistance good, soft flavor.
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