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Filling machine

by:Trano     2020-03-02
At present, in the field of pharmaceutical packaging machinery, the development of small-capacity liquid filling machines is slow. In large-output sub-packaging operations, high-speed filling machines are basically imported machines. At present, domestic machines can carry out research and development in filling and metering mode, production efficiency, machine operation stability, surface treatment and selection of electrical components, digesting and absorbing advanced technologies from foreign manufacturers, as a key development direction. The whole machine design of the equipment should be concise and smooth, and the external parts should be smooth and free of burrs. It should be processed by chamfering or fillet to facilitate cleaning. The working face of the filling machine should be as concise or overhead as possible to reduce clean air resistance and improve laminar flow effect. The equipment should be covered by a laminar flow hood, and there should be an alarm device when the laminar flow hood door is opened. When the operator works in the filling machine, he should try not to touch or touch any parts on the machine as little as possible. There should be a hand-held switch on the equipment, which can jog the machine or link the machine. When the plug is short, the whole machine stops, no bottles are not filled, the electromagnetic oscillator is delivered smoothly and freely, and the oscillation power can be adjusted. The host has the functions of stepless speed regulation, counting device, pouring bottles and eliminating empty bottles. Online weighing function can be selected. In the aspect of automatic control, the parallel bus is used to collect and output signals, the programmable controller is used to process signals, and the communication interface is used to monitor the operation status through the man-machine interface, and the operation parameters can be modified online.
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