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Filling machine factory explains four key points to pay attention to in designing beer

by:Trano     2019-12-21
In the hot summer, people choose beer one after another, because it can not only quench thirst, but also is not easy to get drunk, which not only satisfies people's impulse to drink but also is not easy to get drunk. Why not? Do you know the key points that need attention in designing beer? Is it not clear? Next, Shandong trano, a beer filling machine manufacturer, will give you a brief analysis below, hoping to help you. 1. Color the color of beer is a function of the color and proportion of malt used and the volume of beer. Colors are also included in most style guides. By calculating, adjust the number and type of malt and batch size to reach the target color of your beer. When adjusting the color, try to choose to use malt. Many brewers began to use caramel malt to adjust the color, but more experienced brewers only used these malt with caution because they could add harsh tastes. Generally speaking, Huan uses a small amount of darker malt to achieve the desired color without reflecting other flavors, unless Black malt is an important part of the flavor characteristics. 2, bitterness and bitterness than beer filling machine manufacturers tell everyone like OG and color, you can use BeerSmith or spreadsheet to estimate the bitterness of beer in advance. Bitter taste is measured in international bitter taste units or IBUS. In addition, the style guide provides an IBU range that can help you quickly find the approximate target of bitterness. However, in addition to bitter taste, you need to consider that hops bitter will balance the sweetness of malt. The bitterness ratio is only the ratio of bitterness to specific gravity units (From OG). Bitter beer has a high bitter ratio, usually 1. Above 0, the proportion of medium balanced beer is 0. About 5. The ratio of light beer is less than 0. 5. 3. Start specific gravity start specific gravity (Called OG) It is only a measure of how much sugar there is in wort before fermentation. Most household brewers use a specific gravity number without units, which is a measure of gravity relative to water. Pure water will have 1. 000, and most beers have a specific gravity of 1. 030 to 1. Original Gravity in the range of 070. Professional brewers also use degrees, which are equivalent but measured on different scales. The specific gravity of the original wort can be calculated from the ingredients, quantity and batch size of malt. It is very convenient to use some software! Such as BeerSmith. The initial specific gravity drives the alcohol content and body of the finished beer. Beer with low original specific gravity usually has less alcohol and body than beer with high specific gravity. For a new formula, I usually add enough malt to reach the middle of the OG range of beer style, and then adjust from there. 4, attenuation and alcohol volume most beer makers are familiar with the percentage of alcohol or alcohol volume (ABV)Measurement-Just how much beer is alcohol. For most beers, it is usually 3-percent-Between 8. It can be calculated directly from the starting specific gravity and subsequent specific gravity readings. Similarly, most style guidelines provide a certain range of ABV values for typical beer. OG and FG determine the ABV of finished beer. The first is the initial proportion of beer. Beer with higher OG usually results in higher ABV because they have more fermentable sugar than light beer. ( Such as sugar and light malt, not special malt that cannot be fermented)The second is the yeast used and the length of fermentation time. Some yeasts are more effective in consuming sugar and can produce more alcohol. We call these yeasts'High attenuation' , You can find the expected attenuation range of yeast by referring to the yeast specification parameters of the yeast supplier. I believe that after reading the four key points that the beer filling machine manufacturer introduced to you about the design of beer, I have a better understanding of beer. I hope that the above content can help everyone, want to know more details, pay more attention to the website dynamics, welcome everyone to visit and buy at any time. : Beer filling machine
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