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Filling machine manufacturers analyze relevant knowledge of pop can filling machines

by:Trano     2020-02-21
For the filling machine, we seldom use it, but we cannot do without it in our life. For example, the bottled drinks or canned drinks we usually drink are canned with a can machine, especially the pop can filling machine. Do you know anything about pop can filling machines? Today, trano filling machine manufacturers talk with you about the relevant knowledge of pop can filling machines! It is mainly used for filling gas-bearing beverages such as beer, soda, cola, sparkling wine and mineral water. It has advanced structure, stable and reliable work, safe operation, convenient maintenance and stepless speed regulation, with high production efficiency, it is an ideal filling equipment for small and medium-sized beverage factories. Its main features are: 1. The filling machine produced by the filling machine manufacturer has exquisite material selection, advanced and reasonable technological process, stable and reliable mechanical performance of parts and long service life. 2. Matching with the mixer can realize hot water disinfection and valve opening, drainage and flushing. 3. When changing the can type, only need to change in and out of the bottle wheel, arc guide plate and other plastic parts, the operation is very convenient. 4. The motor is controlled by frequency converter, which can adjust the production capacity. 5, can be filled cans. 6. Compact structure, perfect control system, convenient operation, high degree of automation and low labor intensity. 7. Filling cylinder: the filling valve and parts in contact with materials are made of 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and easy to clean. 8. High-precision and high-speed filling valves are adopted, and the liquid level control in pop cans is accurate to ensure excellent filling quality. 9, with a safe and reliable automatic filling system, no cans and because the quality of cans is not up to standard, can not establish the same pressure can not automatically open the valve, do not make liquid material loss. I. Main structure and performance this machine mainly consists of the following three systems: filling system- Liquid cylinder, filling valve, liquid level control device, valve opening device, valve closing device and bottle holding device. Transmission system- Speed regulating motor, deceleration device, filling transmission system. Electrical control system-Manual governor. II. Operation process the manufacturer of the filling machine thinks that the cleaned cans are sent to the star wheel of the bottle through the bottle delivery chain, and the star wheel will dial the empty cans to the lifting support bottle and rotate clockwise with the base of the rotary device, the bottle holder rises along the lifting Cam guide rail, holds up the empty can, seals the mouth of the can and the valve seat of the filling valve, and then starts filling. Filling is divided into four processes: open the valve to enter the air, feed the liquid to return the gas, and close the valve when the liquid is full. After the filling is completed, the pop can begins to drop to the initial height, then, the star wheel of the bottle is sent along the arc plate to the bottle conveying chain in time and sent out to enter the capping process. When the detection mechanism detects that the can is running to the specified position, the signal is transmitted to the control system, and the control system sends an instruction to the falling cover device to start the action ( Every time a pop tank is detected, the cylinder reciprocates once) , The cans with the lid enter the capping station, and the capping station completes the sealing action of the lid, and then the wheel constellation sends the sealed cans into the conveyor to complete the work of changing the equipment. III. Main technical parameters: number of filling heads: Number of 12 sealing heads: 1 bottle type: cans height: more than 80mm bottles (Tank) Diameter: less than or equal to 95mm filling temperature: less than 5 degrees Celsius power (kw): 2. 2KW production capacity (P/h): 1000-3000 overall dimensions (mm) : 2000 × 1350 × 2100 equipment weight (kg) More than 1500 is the introduction of some related contents of the filling machine manufacturer to the Can filling machine. Through the description of this article, you must have a deeper understanding of the filling machine. In addition, in order not to affect the taste and quality of drinks, we should often clean the filling machine. This is the end of this article. I hope the above contents can be helpful to you.
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