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Filling machine manufacturers analyze safety production specifications of fully automatic filling machines

by:Trano     2020-02-21
Filling machine is a kind of mechanical equipment for filling drinks, and full-automatic filling machine improves the production efficiency of enterprises, however, we can't only pay attention to the production efficiency of the filling machine and ignore the production safety specifications of the filling machine. The filling machine manufacturer Shandong trano Mechanical Equipment Co. , Ltd. will show you what the production safety specifications of the filling machine are! I. Basic parameters: 1. Check whether the functions of safety facilities are normal; 2. The filling machine manufacturer thinks that before starting up, it is necessary to carefully check whether all water tanks have water, whether the chain plate is stuck, whether there are sundries on the conveyor belt, and whether there are bottle caps in the lid box, whether there are several barrels of water source, power supply and air source. After each kick is ready, close the main power supply, the power indicator will be on, and the fault indicator and emergency stop indicator will not be on, then the starting conditions will be met, press the Start button on the control box and the start switch at the filling place, and after the warning of three beeps, the whole machine will start running and enter the full-automatic working mode of external washing, washing and filling, stop the Machine by pressing the stop button at the filling place and the control box to turn off the main power supply. 1. Check before use: after the machine is installed, connect the power supply and test run the three-phase motor to ensure the correct operation direction and the pressure and flow rate of compressed air, check whether all motors and bearings need lubricating oil. It is strictly forbidden to operate without oil. The machine can be started only after it is normal. At the same time, observe whether the fasteners in each part are loose. After the operation of each part is stable, can be used normally; II. Safety rules for use: 1. There is no foreign matter in the filling machine equipment; 2, the filling machine does not allow abnormal noise; 3, all the protection should be safe and reliable, it is strictly prohibited to wear foreign bodies that may be caught by moving parts; 4. Operators with long hair should wear hair covers; 5, do not use water and other liquids to clean the electrical unit; 6, cleaning should wear work clothes, gloves, eyes stare, prevent strong acid, strong alkali corrosion; 7, and when it is running, someone should monitor it, and do not use tools or other objects to approach the machine; 8. Do not let personnel unrelated to the Operation approach the equipment. 3. Maintenance and maintenance: 1. Regular inspection and maintenance: the filling machine manufacturer believes that the starting components such as cylinder, solenoid valve, speed regulation and electrical parts should be inspected monthly. The inspection method can be adjusted manually to check whether it is good or bad and the reliability of the action. The cylinder mainly checks whether there is air leakage and clamping stagnation. The solenoid valve can be manually forced to act with IP segment to see if the solenoid coil is burned and the valve is blocked, the electrical part may be checked against the indicator light of input and output signals, such as checking whether the switch elements are damaged, whether the lines are disconnected, and whether the output elements are working properly. 2. Daily maintenance: whether the motor is running normally, whether the safety environment is normal, and whether the cooling system is abnormal. Whether there is abnormal vibration and abnormal sound; Whether abnormal overheating and discoloration occur. 4. Precautions: 1. Ground the motor and chassis, and separate the zero line and the bottom line; 2. The incoming line of the power supply of the machine must be introduced by the leakage switch; 3. Pneumatic three-way parts require special lubricating oil for pneumatic to prolong the service life of the cylinder; 4, water mercury is strictly prohibited without water operation, pay attention to the alkali water tank, disinfection water tank to make up water during the operation, while ensuring the supply of cleaning water; V. Equipment cleaning requirements: 1. Clean the nozzles, pipes, conveyor belts and water tanks of the equipment before and after work every day; 2. Clean the filling equipment and pipelines with disinfectant regularly every week, and wash the equipment with craft water after disinfection; 3. The operator should record and save the disinfection and cleaning process. The above is the introduction of the safety production standard of the full-automatic filling machine compiled by the filling machine manufacturer. After reading this article, do you have a deeper understanding and understanding of the filling machine, I hope the above content can be helpful to you. In addition, the equipment must be cleaned after use, so as not to affect the taste of the drink.
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