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Filling machine manufacturers analyze the working principle and maintenance methods of filling machines

by:Trano     2020-02-21
Now, all kinds of drinks are flooding the market, and what people like are some canned drinks. The taste of canned drinks is not only different from other ones, but also much more convenient to store even if they can't be finished, there are naturally no filling machines for canned drinks. Do you know how the filling machine works? How to maintain it? Trano filling machine manufacturers take you to understand! I. Working principle the filling machine is carried out around the filling process. Its working principle is: the clean bottle from the bottle washing machine is fed into the bottle feeding spiral of the filling machine by the bottle feeding belt, send it to the supporting cylinder of the turntable through the star wheel of the bottle feeding and raise it. the bottle mouth is tightly pressed under the direction of the centering device to form a seal. The filling machine manufacturer believes that after the bottle is vacuumized, the back pressure gas in the liquid storage tank (CO2 ,) When the gas pressure in the bottle is equal to that in the liquid storage cylinder, the liquid valve is opened under the action of the liquid valve spring. at this time, the drink passes through the guiding effect of umbrella-type reflex ring on the return trachea. automatically pour into the glass bottle along the bottle wall, and CO2 in the glass bottle is replaced and returned to the liquid storage cylinder through the return pipe. when the liquor rises to a certain height and closes the back to the trachea. automatically stop drinking. Then close the liquid valve and the air valve to drain the pressure gas at the bottleneck to prevent the gassing of the sparkling wine when the glass bottle drops, thus completing the whole filling process. Second, the maintenance method 1, before each new machine to start the combination of moisture filter and oil mist device to do a good job of inspection, if found too much moisture should be dumped in time, if you check out the lubricating oil and need to add it, you must not be careless. However, under normal circumstances, lubricating oil can be added once every six months, but if there is an accident, it should be faced flexibly. 2. The filling machine manufacturer thinks that it is necessary to check whether the ground wire is firmly contacted regularly, and also check the starting pipeline, air pressure and motor chain accordingly. If it is found that it is not in normal working condition, should immediately stop the machine to do a good job of repair. 3. Check whether the mechanical parts are in a normal cloud state regularly, and then check whether the screws are loose. 4. After each shutdown, we should do a good job in the treatment of fertilizer, and also do a good job in cleaning and sanitation everywhere. This is also a kind of maintenance for machinery. 5. Under normal use, the filling machine cannot be moved or collided. Three, the characteristics of the filling machine (1) Using well-known brands of electrical appliances and pneumatic components, the failure rate is low, the performance is reliable, and the service life is long . (2) High-strength stainless steel frame is adopted, which is easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean and meets the hygiene requirements (3) Simple adjustment of filling quantity and filling speed, compatible with various bottle types and capacities; (4) Photoelectric intelligent identification, bottle filling, no bottle filling function, PLC automatic control feeding; (5) Conveyor frequency conversion speed regulation, adjustable conveying speed, automatic production statistics, convenient production management. (6) The filling head is equipped with a special leak-proof device, and the filling is free from drawing and dripping. The above is the working principle and maintenance method of the tank machine compiled by the trano filling machine manufacturer. Through the introduction of this article, you must have a deeper understanding and understanding of the filling machine. In addition, we must not ignore the cleaning process of the filling machine. The cleaning of the filling machine will also affect the taste of the drink. I hope the above content can help you.
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