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Filling machine manufacturers explain the problems that beer equipment should pay attention to when changing yeast

by:Trano     2019-12-20
As we all know, beer is a kind of wine that takes a long time to ferment. Yeast plays a very important role in beer, so do you know that beer production equipment needs to pay special attention to those problems when changing yeast? Is it not clear? Next, the filling machine manufacturer Shandong trano will introduce you, hoping to help you. The demand side of the strain should get in touch with the supplier one week in advance so that it can make the selection and preparation of yeast in the fermenter as soon as possible. The supplier should meet the following requirements in the selection: 1. The concentration of liquor in the fermentation tank should be higher than 100 P. 2. The temperature of fermentation broth should be reduced to 0℃. ( The demand side of the strain should try not to use yeast recovered at high temperature or yeast with temperature higher than 5 ℃, because the transportation time is long and nutrition is lacking, which will cause premature aging of yeast cells and high mortality rate) , Yeast mud detection requirements: mortality rate is less than 3 percent, pH value is not higher than 5. 3, fermentation tank yeast to choose normal hair, hypoglycemic, reduction of diacetyl fast, no pollution tank. 4. Prepare the hose for yeast and clean and disinfect it. The specification and model of the hose connector should be confirmed by both parties so that it can be accurately docked with the bottom interface of the transported yeast tank. 5, yeast algebra should be low, to be less than 3 generations. I believe that after reading the above-mentioned filling machine manufacturer Shandong trano introduced to you the problem of beer equipment for yeast, you have a deeper understanding of beer equipment, understand how to make good quality beer, I hope that the above content can help everyone, it is recommended that you carry out regular maintenance, try to extend its service life and improve work efficiency. : Filling machine manufacturer
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