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Filling machine manufacturers teach everyone how to brew sweet beer with beer equipment?

by:Trano     2020-02-21
In daily life, everyone should have seen beer equipment! Do you know that sweet beer made with beer equipment is very delicious? It has the characteristics of low alcohol content and sweet taste, and is very suitable for women to drink! Trano, a filling machine manufacturer, teaches everyone how to brew sweet beer with beer equipment. I hope everyone likes it! I. For the pretreatment of malt and Rice barley, malt should be crushed as little as possible without large powder in the skin. Filling machine manufacturers warmly remind that 20% of wheat skin above 20 # sieve and 50% of coarse powder above 40 # sieve should be crushed. Medium powder 80 # sieve accounts for 15%, fine powder 80 # sieve accounts for 40%, Rice barley is crushed as much as possible, and fine powder should account for more. Second, the ratio. Malt 100%, water 500%, lactic acid 100 per 100, hops 0. 2, white sugar 20%. Three, saccharification method (100% malt). Add malt to 5 times the amount of water, and add lactic acid (Or hydrochloric acid)Adjust pH to 5. 5-5. 6. Raise the temperature to 50 ℃ for 90 minutes, then raise the temperature to 65 ℃, 40 minutes, then raise the temperature to 78 ℃, 20 minutes, saccharification ends filtration, residual materials are washed with water and filtered, and filtrate is combined, after adding white wine, the concentration of sugar is controlled at 8% (Hammer, BX). Washing water 75-80 ℃, the dosage is 4 times the material weight. The filling machine manufacturer said that adding 0 percent of the total mixed juice to wort. 02-0. Hop extract of 05 (With 80-90 °Hot water leaching). Then boil the wort for 90 minutes. Fourth, fermentation. The boiled wort is sent to the settling ground and cooled to 50-About 60 ℃, precipitation 1-1. 5 hours. The clarified wort is cooled to about 10℃. Put the cold wort into the yeast adding VAT and add 0 percent. 5 yeast or yeast mud, then into the fermentation tank, first into the sterile air for 10 minutes, so that the yeast reproduction, and then in the condition of not higher than 13 degrees Celsius for the first fermentation for 98 hours. After the fermentation, the fermentation broth can be filtered twice by a single cotton cake filter (The filtration pressure is 0. 8-1. 0 kg/cm 2), Until the wine is clear and transparent. The filling machine manufacturer reminds everyone that the filtered liquor is cooled to 2-4℃ ( Using refrigeration equipment, it can be naturally cooled in the north in winter), Use carbon dioxide mixer to 4. 0-4. 5 kg/cm 2 pressure to mix liquor with carbon dioxide. After mixing, filling, capping, sterilization, qualified labeling and packing, you can leave the factory. When sterilizing, the water temperature should not be high or low, at 65-Sterilization in hot water at 75 ℃ 15-20 minutes. The above is the steps of brewing sweet beer with beer equipment introduced by trano, a filling machine manufacturer. Have you learned it? In addition, it is recommended that you carefully follow the steps when brewing beer! Can't be careless!
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