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Filling machine manufacturers to introduce common affliction of filling machine and its solutions

by:Trano     2021-02-22

the beer filling machine when use can carry on the filling fast, with high efficiency, which can guarantee good filling effect, so when use tend to be some abnormal problems, these problems will affect the normal use of filling machine, we consult to the filling machine manufacturer, then introduce filling machine manufacturer for everybody to introduce common affliction of filling machine and its solutions.

a filling quantity is not correct, filling machine, filling machine, filling large size, the material trough supplement insufficiency, liquid level is not stable, increase the transshipment, or to close small filling head ball valve, reset the triad filling machine, filling time, filling velocity of triad filling machine. Rapid equipment tee valve and filling head whether there is air inside the hose, have the air as far as possible to reduce or eliminate the air.
2, adjust the digit dialing and units will not change the time, so cut off the power supply can be switched on again.
3, liquid level stable, filling machine filling quantity is not correct: foreign body jam filling machine filling channel, mainly in the material slot entry or filling mouth, check clean can.
4, close after discharge:
1. Filling machine manufacturer mentioned sprue orifice damaged, can remove the sprue orifice repair. The diameter of the orifice can not less than 7. 5mm。 After fixed aperture, sand in the water hole of polishing plane gently on the abrasive paper.
  2 . Filling machine filling the ball valve broken inside the head, the ball valve needs to be replaced.
5, touch gating switch is not injection. Time relay digital said the LED flashing: not gating switch damage or loose time relay base. Replace the same type of gating switch or by time relay base.
6, touch after pouring switch, LED blink of digital time relay, but don't pouring: please check whether the air pressure and air pressure is too low. For example, air pressure requirements ( 4 - 6Kg/cm2 ) , electromagnetic valve coil breakage, valve core is fixed, the foreign body can unplug the power supply, open the board, with rotating objects.
7, the check valve to open it quickly install compression spring stretch up and down inside the 3-way valve, adjust the elasticity of spring, spring is too large when the check valve to open it.
eight, filling machine filling movements have deviation. Magnetic switch is not loose, or every time adjustment quantity please lock it.

the above is the filling machine filling machine manufacturers to introduce some of the common abnormal problem and its solution, need to pay attention to in the later use can't affect the whole filling machine use effect, once appear, some slight fault will be handled in time, which can guarantee the later use.

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