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Five factors affecting starch decomposition in brewing process

by:Trano     2019-12-17
Nowadays, beer is very common in daily life. With the continuous expansion of its application scope, people pay more and more attention to it. How much do you know about the brewing process of beer? Do you know the five factors that affect starch decomposition in the brewing process? Next, the beer production equipment factory will take you to the following to learn about it. Shandong trano mechanical equipment suggests that you should pay attention to the following five points in the brewing process, as follows: 1. The variety and quality of malt the enzyme content of light malt is usually higher than that of dark malt, the prepared wort contains more sugar and less dextrin; Dark malt contains less enzyme, Saccharification is slow, the prepared wort contains less sugar, dextrin is more, and fermentation degree is lower. Well-dissolved malt not only has high enzyme content, but also has complete endosperm cell wall decomposition, amylase is easier to play a role, making starch decomposition more complete, and the prepared wort foam is richer, clear and transparent; The opposite is true for poorly dissolved malt. 2. PH value of mash beer production equipment factory tells everyone that PH is one of the main factors for amylase to play its role. Only under the action of certain amylase can the concentration of the product be learned well, more fermentable sugar is formed, thus improving the fermentation degree. 3. Appropriate crushing is conducive to the decomposition of starch. If the beer equipment is too coarse in the brewing process, the raw materials are not easy to absorb water, and the relative area is small, which is not conducive to the action of enzymes, resulting in incomplete decomposition of starch; If the crushing is too fine, the raw materials are easy to agglomerate, which is also not conducive to the decomposition of starch. 4. During the saccharification of wine, the effect of amylase is not uniform. At the beginning of saccharification, 15-After 20 minutes, the enzyme activity reached a large value, 40- After 60 minutes, the enzyme activity decreased rapidly, and then decreased slowly. 5, saccharification temperature beer equipment brewing saccharification should be carried out at various amylase temperatures. Alpha-The temperature of amylase is 72- 75 degrees, saccharification at this temperature, can form more dextrin, and make beer with low fermentation degree and rich dextrin; Beta-The temperature of amylase is 60- At 65 degrees, saccharification at this temperature can form a large amount of maltose and make beer with higher fermentation degree. To sum up, the factors that affect starch decomposition in the brewing process include the variety and quality of malt, the pH value of mash, the degree of fragmentation, the saccharification time of brewing and the saccharification temperature, I hope that the above contents introduced by the beer production equipment factory can be helpful to everyone. If you are interested in our products, you are welcome to visit and purchase at any time. : Beer production equipment
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