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Five influencing factors of filling effect of beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-01-09
How much do you know about beer production equipment? Beer filling machine equipment is suitable for beer producers. The dissolved oxygen intake can be controlled at a very low level of 10ppb. It can flexibly meet various filling liquid level requirements without adjusting the probe, thus prolonging the effective production time, the relatively good product quality is guaranteed. Next, the beer barrel cleaning machine factory will introduce some factors that affect the filling effect of the filling machine. Let's learn about it below. 1. Influence of bottle holding cylinder pressure on filling effect during filling. The pressure of the bottle holding cylinder cannot be ignored. The pressure is too low, the bottle rises and the pressure is not tight, resulting in poor sealing, which is easy to cause wine leakage and foaming, and the wine is not filled: The pressure is too large, the bottle is shaken when falling, and it is easy to cause wine. The pressure of the bottle holding cylinder is related to the pressure of filling wine. Generally, when the pressure of filling wine is 2-At 4bar. The pressure of the bottle holding cylinder is 2. 5-3bar. 2. Influence of beer temperature on filling effect from Formula 1, it can also be seen that the solubility of CO2 is inversely proportional to the temperature of beer, and excessive wine temperature will cause CO to escape, that is to say, the content of CO in beer is reduced, and the phenomenon of taking wine is easy to occur. So. Wine temperature should be strictly controlled at 0 ~ 4 ~ C. 3. Influence of wine delivery pressure on filling effect beer is transported from sake cans through pipelines to beer filling machines. Most breweries use back pressure in sake cans. Since there is a long pipeline from sake cans to filling machines. When beer arrives at the filling machine, the pressure is often unstable. The fluctuation is relatively large. The liquid level in the liquid storage tank also causes large fluctuations. Therefore, CO2 in beer escapes and affects the filling effect of beer. Generally, the pressure of incoming wine is required to be 3bar, and the pressure fluctuation value should be less than 0. 3bar. We can add a wine delivery pump to the pipeline. Frequency conversion control technology is adopted to ensure the stability of wine delivery pressure. 4-output by PID regulator- 20mA continuously control the regulating signal to control the frequency converter, and then the frequency converter to control the rotating speed of the wine delivery pump, thus realizing the purpose of constant pressure wine supply. 4. Influence of filling valve on filling effect at present, most domestic beer manufacturers' filling equipment adopts mechanical isobaric filling valve. When the sealing ring used for vacuum valve and pressure relief valve in the filling valve is worn and the sealing ring in the intermediate device is damaged, the balance of equal pressure filling will be broken and the filling liquid level will be easily abnormal; When the return pipe of the filling valve is bent and the umbrella type reflection ring on the return pipe is damaged, the normal filling of beer will also be affected. Therefore, the processing quality of parts should be improved for filling valves. Design a reasonable sealing form. Improve the service life of the seal. 5. The influence of other factors on the filling effect other factors affecting the filling effect include vacuum degree. When the vacuum degree is low. The amount of oxygen added after beer filling will increase. Excessive dissolved oxygen will have a great impact on the taste of beer. Therefore, we generally keep the vacuum above 90% by secondary vacuuming. I believe that after reading the five major influencing factors of the filling effect of the beer filling machine introduced by the beer barrel cleaning machine factory, we have a further understanding of the beer production equipment, I hope that the above content can help everyone, it is recommended that you regularly repair and maintain it to extend its service life. : Beer filling machine
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