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Four operation processes of beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-01-08
Now people have a great demand for beer. Have you ever thought about how beer is poured into beer bottles? In fact, this reason is very simple. Now there is also a beer filling machine dedicated to beer filling, and it is developed according to the filling process, the working principle is to put the beer that has been fermented into the washed bottle through the rotation of the machine. Then some people will have questions about how to operate it? Shandong trano, a professional manufacturer of beer filling machines, will tell you about the specific operation process. 1. Place the beer filling machine safely and fix it. 2. Use DN25 pressure hose to connect the liquid inlet of the equal pressure filling machine with the beer buffer tank (Sake can)Outlet, the connection is firm and reliable; The carbon dioxide inlet of the isobaric filling machine (Outer diameter 30 8mmPU tube) It is connected with the standby pressure pipe of the beer buffer tank to ensure that the filling pressure of the filling machine is consistent with the pressure in the beer buffer tank. 3, connect the power supply (Single phase 220 volts), Compressed air source (The air source pressure shall not be lower than 0. 4 MPa) With the outer diameter 30 10mmPU tube, please add about 2/3 cups of sewing machine oil to the right oil cup of the air source processor afc2000. 4, according to the height of the filling barrel or bottle to adjust the filling height, the height of the bottle mouth should be with the filling valve inlet (Return hose) Lower mouth flat or low 1 ~ 5mm, polyester bottle can be used with a special bottle holder, which can be adjusted at one time according to the height of the bottle mouth. The above is the specific process of operating the beer filling machine. You can operate according to the above methods. In fact, it is very difficult for you to look at it, but after you get started, you will find that it is still very simple. At the same time, we must also pay attention to its maintenance, otherwise it is easy to aging equipment. If you want to know more about beer filling machines, you can pay attention to Shandong trano's official website. If you want to buy beer filling machines, you can also consult on the official website! : Filling machine manufacturer
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