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Full solution of filling method of filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-20
The physical and chemical properties of various liquid products are not the same, in the filling process, in order to keep the product characteristics unchanged, it is necessary to use different filling methods. Generally, filling machines often adopt the following filling methods: normal pressure method and normal pressure method are also called pure gravity method, that is, under normal pressure, liquid flows into the packaging container by its own weight. Most of the free-flowing gas-liquid-free materials can be filled by this method. Isobaric method, isobaric method is also called working pressure gravity filling method, that is, under the condition of higher than atmospheric pressure, first inflate the packaging container to form an air pressure equal to that in the liquid storage tank, then rely on the pessimistic loading and talking weight to flow into the packaging container. This method is widely used in gas-containing beverages. Vacuum Method, vacuum method is filled under the condition of regional atmospheric pressure, which can be carried out in two ways: 1. Differential pressure vacuum type, I . e. the storage tank is under normal pressure, only pumping the packaging container to form a vacuum, also talk about relying on the pressure difference between the storage tank and the container to be filled to generate a flow to complete the filling, this method is still more commonly used in China. Gravity vacuum type, that is, the liquid storage tank is in vacuum. The Packaging Container first pumps air to form a vacuum equal to that in the liquid storage tank, and then the liquid material flows into the packaging container by its own weight. Due to the complicated structure, it is less used in China. 4, the pressure method, the use of mechanical pressure or air pressure, will be filled into the packaging container, this method is mainly used for filling viscous materials with higher viscosity, sometimes it can also be used for filling soft drinks such as soda. At this time, the soda itself is directly poured into the bottle without inflation and equal pressure, thus improving the filling speed, and the foam formed is easy to disappear because the soda has no colloid, it has a certain influence on the filling quality, but it is not too big. 5, siphon method, filling method using siphon principle. This method appeared at the earliest, is most easily accepted by people, and is relatively simple to stay away from, but now it is rarely used. The above is about the filling method of the filling machine. I hope I can help you through the above introduction. Choose beer beverage filling machine to trano packaging. Our company has a large production and processing workshop and many advanced processing equipment, which provides a reliable guarantee for the production and manufacturing accuracy and stability of beer equipment and filling equipment.
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