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Fully automatic CIP on-site cleaning system

by:Trano     2020-03-02
CIP uses centrifugal pump to transport cleaning liquid to carry out forced circulation in material pipelines and equipment containers, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning without disintegration of pipelines and equipment, improve equipment utilization rate and reduce labor intensity. CIP (cleaninginplace): On-site cleaning or on-site cleaning. It means that the device does not need to be disassembled or moved, that is, the washing liquid with high temperature and high concentration is used to exert a strong effect on the equipment and device to clean the contact surface with food, cleaning and purification of production equipment with strict hygiene requirements. Features: 1. High cleaning efficiency; 2. Stable health level; 3, safe operation, save labor; 4, save the amount of cleaning agent, water, steam, etc; 5. High degree of automation. CIP cleaning energy: kinetic energy, thermal energy and chemical energy. CIP system mainly consists of cleaning liquid storage tank, heater, liquid delivery pump, pipeline, Valve, filter, cleaning head, liquid return pump, equipment to be cleaned and program control system.
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