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How about making pumpkin beer yourself for Halloween?

by:Trano     2019-12-15
If you walk in shopping malls and supermarkets at the end of October, a wide variety of skeletons, residual limbs and pumpkin lanterns will remind you that Halloween is coming. In this festival with the theme of funny, everyone can use their imagination to entertain themselves and others, and turn the horrible things into fun. Of course, the winemaker will not miss such an opportunity. Pumpkin beer inspired by pumpkin pie was created in this way, occupying the Halloween table and bringing a different taste to the revelers. How hot is pumpkin beer in the United States? Look at the bar chart below, which is a comparison of the sales data of American seasonal beer and IPA in 2015. IPA, as the weathervane of craft beer, has become the coordinate to measure the sales data of various types of craft beer. Among them, seasonal beer is 9- Sales in November surged, surpassing IPA sales, while autumn season beer refers to pumpkin beer! The origin of pumpkin beer pumpkin, as a raw material that inadvertently broke into the beer world, initially appeared as a substitute sugar source for malt. Now the beer industry is generally believed to be the first to log on to the North American continent to invent pumpkin beer. Because these believers really like to drink beer, but the American malt was expensive at that time, and the believers could only use cheap pumpkin as the raw material of beer to brew beer to meet their needs. Of course, barley is not a rare crop. Soon there will be a large number of crops in North America, resulting in pumpkin no longer being a necessary raw material for brewing beer. So at 19- For most of the 20th century, we could not find any sign of pumpkin beer. This also reflects from one side that pumpkin beer at that time was dull and boring, which failed to retain the hearts of alcohol lovers and gradually faded out of the mainstream market. The revival of pumpkin beer is just like that we Chinese want to buy New Year's goods for the new year. Americans also need to buy Halloween-related products before Halloween to create a festive atmosphere. Driven by business, winemakers have once again focused on pumpkin beer, and its revival has become a necessity. However, the brewers who brew fine beer are not willing to brew pumpkin beer, which is tasteless in history. They transplant the recipe of traditional food pumpkin pie into pumpkin beer, using sweet pepper and nutmeg, clove, ginger and cinnamon to simulate the taste of pumpkin pie. Is pumpkin beer delicious or not? The red copper wine body shows a jewel-like color through the light, round and clear. Full of biscuits, toast, charred and toffee-like malt sweetness, spices bring complex and unrestrained spicy, balanced and wonderful. A slightly lighter body than barley wine gives a feeling of both thickness and fitness. The slight heat brought by ginger in the taste drives away the chill of autumn and makes people unable to help taking another sip. I like pumpkin beer, but not every brand of pumpkin beer I like, and sometimes I try to make one myself. If you have paid attention to this style of beer, you may have heard that some wineries have not put pumpkins when brewing pumpkin beer, they simulated the taste of pumpkin pie by using the spices of pumpkin pie. In fact, in the modern version of pumpkin beer, the weak aroma of Pumpkin has been covered by the aroma of spices and is not easy to identify. Its function is mainly to provide sugar, but the practice of not using pumpkin is controversial. The formula given in this article contains pumpkin! Key steps: 1. Pumpkin needs to be cut into small pieces, put into 180 °C oven and baked for 90 minutes; 2. Roasted pumpkin is crushed and mixed with malt to produce sugar. The addition of rice husk can help filter and prevent clogging. 3. The main fermentation is 2 weeks, then the bucket is poured, and the pumpkin pie spice with the same weight and type as the boiling period is dried; 4. If spice powder is used, the spices can be soaked with 100 vodka one week before brewing, and the vodka soaking solution can be left after filtration with filter paper for later use. Vodka soaking solution can be directly cast when dry. In this Carnival festival, even if you don't want to pretend to be a ghost, you can drink a glass of pumpkin beer and experience a trivial and enjoyable life! Cheers!
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