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How brewery pipeline layout is reasonable ( Below)

by:Trano     2020-03-02
How to decorate reasonable brewery equipment lines, hao lu beer equipment manufacturer has from the pipe with the purpose of the basic requirements and layout are introduced, the general rules of these a few respects want to know how can click to view brewery pipeline layout is reasonable ( On) 。 Small make up to several factors should be considered from the arrangement of pipe for sharing. 1) In the early stage of the piping layout drawing medium factors, must first classified according to the medium inside the pipeline. Conveying inflammable, explosive, toxic and corrosive material pipe shall not be laid in the living room, stairs, corridor and the door, such as location, these pipes also should be set on the relief valve, explosion-proof membrane, flame arrester and water seal device for fire and explosion prevention, and vent pipe should be led to their appointed places or above roof above 2 m ( The specific height shall comply with relevant state regulations) ; Corrosive material of pipeline, laid over the channel is not recommended and tied for the top of the line or the inside; Pipeline, should have a certain slope, slope direction is generally along the direction of the medium logistics, slope generally for 1/100 ~ 5/1000, low viscosity liquid materials pipeline desirable about 5/1000, containing solid material pipe desirable about 1/100 ( Generally comprehensive utility tunnel pipe grade requirements are difficult to implement, because the flow direction of medium each workshop is not a unified one-way transmission, such as the flow direction of medium by considering pipe grade, will lead to pipe support tube surface height is not consistent, inconsistent or pipe bracket, general beer factory usually ignore the pipeline slope) ; Vacuum pipe should be short, as far as possible to minimize the elbow and valves, to reduce resistance losses, achieve higher vacuum degree. 2) Operating factors to facilitate pipeline site construction, operation and maintenance, pipeline should be focused on comprehensive pipe rack, on the pipe rack, parallel straight line layout, bend, less as far as possible little cross, not impede Windows open and equipment, valves, pipe fittings, installation and maintenance of the valve in the pipeline should be staggered arrangement; Branch of pipeline should be on the outer edge of the parallel pipeline, which leads to the branch pipe, gas pipe should from the above derivation, liquid pipeline should be below the derivation, pipeline should try to avoid 'bag', 'pocket' and 'appendix'. Pipe should be laid along the wall as far as possible, or arrangement in fixed on the pipe rack on the wall, the distance between the pipe and metope to accommodate pipe fittings, valves, and convenient installation and maintenance for the principle. 3) Safety factors in order to prevent the medium flow in tube produce electrostatic accumulation and dangerous, inflammable, explosive medium pipeline grounding measures should be taken, to ensure safety in production. Long distance transporting materials in steam or other heat pipes, thermal compensation issues should be considered, should be set up between two fixed bracket compensator and sliding bracket. Composite pipe rack overhead pipeline and the surface clear height in addition to conform to the technical requirements, should also be convenient for operation and maintenance. Utility tunnel crossing the channel, the clear height requirements ( The lowest point) : through the pavement when no less than 2 m; Not less than 4 by road. 5米; By rail when no less than 6 m; Through the factory main traffic arteries, 5 m from the ground. According to the code for fire protection design of buildings ( GB50016) 7. 1. Article 8: the net width of fire lane and overhead clearance should not be less than 4. 0米; According to the industrial road design specifications ( GBJ 22) And the specification for design of petrochemical enterprises in the factory the road ( SHJ23) The provisions of the minimum overhead clearance generally must meet the following requirements: ( 1) Main road 5. 0米; ( 2) And fire road 4 times road. 文献。 Integrated fire control safety, utility tunnel across the factory shall ensure that the road to the main road location under the pipe rack clearance meet 5. 0m。
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