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How can beer production equipment filter wort efficiently?

by:Trano     2020-01-04
With the improvement of technology, some small beer equipment in China has been continuously developed and improved, and good results have been achieved. Small beer equipment produced by home-brewed beer equipment manufacturers is mainly used in hotels, entertainment, bars and other places, saccharification equipment has two, three, four, five, etc. , here beer barrel cleaning machine manufacturers to introduce how to filter wort efficiently! The wort filtration is carried out in two steps: one is to use the wheat grain as the filter layer, and use the filtering method to extract the wort, called the first wort or filtered wort); The second is to use hot water to flush out the wort remaining in the grains, called the second wort or wash the wort. The most common method for Wort filtration is the filter tank method. A filter sieve plate, a ploughing knife, etc. are installed in the tank body of the filter tank. The tank body, a plurality of pipes, valves and pumps form a recyclable filter system, which uses the static pressure of the liquid column as power for filtration. In addition, in addition to static pressure filtration, there is also a filter press to filter and pressurize the mash to obtain clear wort. The factors that affect the filtration speed of wort are as follows: 1. The greater the viscosity of wort, the slower the filtration speed; 2. The larger the thickness of the filter layer, the lower the filtration speed; 3. The resistance of the filter layer is large, and the filtration is slow. The resistance of the filter layer depends on the diameter of the channel, the length and curvature of the channel, and the porosity. The resistance of the filter layer is determined by the thickness of the filter layer and the permeability of the filter layer. 4. Poor crushing effect also affects the filtering speed. Crushing is too fine, increasing the filtering difficulty and causing slow filtering speed. The above is the method of beer production equipment to filter wort efficiently. Do you have a certain understanding through the above introduction. With the increasing demand for beer in China, there are many varieties of brewing equipment in China. It is better to choose the right beer equipment than to look at trano. : Beer barrel cleaning machine
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