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How can we brew brewed beer with good taste?

by:Trano     2020-02-27
Although the brewed beer is still a minority in the Chinese market, I believe many people have drunk brewed beer, and some brewed beer tastes really good, like some bottled beer that cannot be compared with it at all, so do you know how to brew and export good beer? The manufacturer of haolu fine brewing beer equipment has summarized several necessary conditions. 1. First of all, a set of professional equipment for brewing beer is needed, which is very critical. The professional equipment has good sealing performance and will not leak air. Yeast can volatilize fully during fermentation to obtain comprehensive nutrients; Yeast can sink completely and recover yeast, making the liquor clear and free of impurities, and the beer can achieve the best taste. A set of perfect beer equipment is automatically controlled from saccharification to fermentation, reducing artificial operation, thus avoiding excessive contact with air and affecting the quality of beer. 2. Strictly follow the brewing process of fine beer, control the washing water temperature below 76 degrees, and strictly control the delivery of brewing raw materials. 3. Water requirements, before making wine, the content of water alkali should be strictly detected. 4. Select high-quality brewing raw materials, only four kinds: malt, hops, yeast and water.
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